Sunday, September 18, 2011

I should blog...

...because I love writing, I love documenting our life and I have things to say.
But, ya'll, I'm tired. Words fail me.

We had a great weekend. First time brining ECL up to the cabin where I spent so many weekends in my own childhood. It was really a "full circle" moment for me. Very surreal to now have my own kid at the place where for so long, I was one of the kids. Of course, I'm still someone's kid when I'm there with my own mom, but.... it's different now. PLUS - we get the master bedroom now, no questions asked!

Ellie did great, I was so proud of her. Slept fantastically, handled the attention like a pro and generally did what she does best: smiling and looking sweet. I love sharing her with my family.

Of course, on the way home we stopped at my folks house to feed her and realized upon removing her from the car that she'd been happily sitting - quite literally - knee deep in her own crap. Covered , knee to back. For the first time ever I cut her out of her onesie. And that was followed by another blowout a couple hours later, a vomit and a teeny tiny little fever. So, two firsts for us! First cabin weekend and first little bug. I'm sure she'll better tomorrow. Tonight, she's sacked out in my arms.

Happy Sunday night! 

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  1. Ellie proved she is true "outdoors girl" this weekend. Honestly, I didn't know a 4-month young baby could be do fascinated by the sky and the trees...oh, the wonders you'll see little girlfriend of mine!!