Tuesday, April 10, 2012

And then I realized...

Oh shit, I have a toddler.

She's been toddling about for a couple weeks now, but today as she so "expertly" (I use this phrase lightly, as she still looks like a drunken baby sailor) walked across the room, paused to regain her footing, and continued - beelining for her father's stereo - it became pretty obvious.

Nothing is safe in our house. Nothing.

I admit, our house isn't that baby safe. I'm still naiively holding out hope that we can just teach her "no" and everything will be okay. In the meantime, we have rubber bands holding cabinet door knobs together. I'm pretty sure she'll figure out in about thirty minutes how to get them off. She's crafty like that.

Not only do I have a toddler-baby, I'm pretty sure she's smart. Like, she is, as Stephen Colbert says, an "it getter". Today I left the door to the bathroom ever so slightly ajar, and she saw it from across the room and, no kidding, cackled in joy as she crawled at the warp speed into the bathroom. Before I knew it she had a mouth full of toilet paper. Also? She has a love/hate relationship with getting her nose wiped. The green stuff that's been coming out of her nose/faucet has officially been diagnosed as a result of a sinus infection, and we've been battling for weeks when it comes to wiping her nose. Today, she played a game with me as she quickly moved between crying & shrieking in laughter. I wipe, she grabs the tissue as fast as she can (which is really, seriously fast!), stuffs it in her mouth, laughs at me, I pull it out of her mouth, grab another tissue, wipe, she cries, then grabs it and stuffs it in her mouth again. Repeat cycle until booger is gone, which can take quite a few attempts.

So there you have it. I have a crafty, silly little toddlerbaby.

And here's a million recent pictures of said baby. :)

caught her in a moment of peace at the park

meadering about the living room

all dressed up!

her newest nickname is Wrecking Ball. Action shot!

Wrecking Ball moved into the kitchen. (On a side note - guess whose kitchen is getting demolished this weekend?! OURS!)

Paused to admire herself

Oh Hey!

Ellie shows how she's going to help with the kitchen demo

checking out her Easter Basket

weight lifting. nuff said.

feeding that Easter llama. She could not take her eyes off Sparky (the llama, not her dad)

I adore her.

this cracks me up. Ellie took a nap and I rearranged her toys. She looks so confused! (from the back, that is...)

And, as an extra special treat. Here's video of my girl. (turn up the volume. and I'm laughing, not crying..)

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