Thursday, August 29, 2013

August 29th.

In the spirit of internet oversharing, I'd like to take a moment and recognize the importance of this day in the lives of our family.

August 29th - the day that not once, but twice, we were lucky enough to...ahem... be joined forevermore by our sweet babies. This is the day that the starts apparently align for us, as against all odds we've managed conception twice on this exact same day.

I mean, seriously. What are the odds that you even ovulate on the same calendar day, let alone get lucky enough to make a baby?

And before you question how I know - let's be crystal clear: I KNOW. It's even on my medical record last year. :)

Even though it's a day filled with TMI, and it's a day my children will grow up cringing while we (and by WE, I mean our whole family. Because naturally I shared this with anyone who would listen) make all sorts of jokes about this anniversary, it's actually super special to me. This is the day my babies came to me. The anniversary of being with my babes - both of them.

I can hardly believe it's been three years now since Ellie has come to be. Or one year since Dash. This date always make me get all metaphysical, and wonder why we were so lucky to magically hit on the right combination that led us to these particular people. Or wonder if maybe it wasn't luck at all, but a magical driving universal force that allowed our children to pick us. Or maybe we were just meant to be a family, and there was nothing that could have been changed which would have prevented the union of the four of us. Or maybe back when the universe was but a micro particle waiting to bang, it was already pre-ordained that Eleanor Carolyn and Dashiell Jack Lucas would wait through the millenia until it was time for them to exist as our children. Or maybe they've both lived lives before - who knows how many lives - and this time their lives were entrusted to us. I lean towards a combination of all these things, but either way, today is a day where I celebrate my family.

Lucky indeed!

(PSA: Wanna have another baby? Perhaps give it a try tonight? Maybe the fertility gods work for anyone today!)
9/11/10 and 9/10/12 the above similar picture was taken.  This year, no such thing will happen. :)

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