Saturday, August 7, 2010

rainy day

It's a dreary and drizzly rainy Saturday in August. Oh Seattle, you have robbed us of the summer for sure this year. Despite this, I still love you and promise not to leave.

And, despite my love for the sun and for all things Summer, I am allowing myself to embrace the rain. I'm hoping this is just a momentary blip in our Summer, but it sure feels like fall is about to begin. And I do love the Fall. Fall means new backpacks and sharp pencils and boxes of crayons that smell like fresh wax and anticipation. Fall means football Sundays and Monday and Thursdays and sometimes even Saturdays. Fall means Birthdays and Anniversaries and pumpkin spices and cinnamon sticks and pot roasts and beef stews and crockpots and baked goods just because. Fall means new shoes and sweaters and red wool jackets because even if you aren't going back to anything, one must still enjoy a back-to-school pick me up.

I'll embrace Fall when it arrives, but I'm still hoping for more days of Summer muggy warmth and wet hair, flip flops and salad for dinner because it's too hot for anything else, crisp white wine and sun dresses and neighbors at the park and splashing in the water. Summer is magic.

On this Summer Saturday, you can find us here:
Yeah, that's P taking a nap :)

And cleaning here:

While baking this because blueberries were on sale at Costco: 
and flipping through these because it's almost been a year, which means we are no longer "newlyweds" but just "happily marrieds".....

Happy Saturday!


  1. this may just be the best Sessions post yet. (apart from the shot of me sleeping, that is!)