Monday, August 16, 2010

Fun Things

Let's summarize the Many Fun Things accomplished by the Lacy fam this weekend:

I'll be brief, our moments of much fun are interrupted from around 6am-5pm by this little thing called Work on Mondays through Friday. After which, we try to get back to our lifestyle of Good Times.

To Recap:

1 - Took Several Naps (Fri & Sat)
2 - Grilled Tasty Dins (Flank Steak Kabobs and Cilantro-Lime Chicken) (Fri & Sun)
3 - Visited with our Friends in The West Wing and Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (Fri & Sun)
4 - Ventured into the magical world of Skype with our London based friends (Sat)
5 - Made fresh scones (Sat)
6 - Ate Scones (Sat & Sun)
7 - Ate Scones and Drank Coffee with favorite Auntie J on her garage-top Garden Deck (Sun)
8 - Watched sweet Doggies (Monty & Milo) romp/frolic/pant from heat exhaustion/lap up lake water (Sat & Sun)
9 - Enjoyed Beef Taco lunches (Sat & Sun)
10 - Floated on/in The Lake in 90+ degree days (Sat & Sun)
11 - Swam about in The Lake(Sat & Sun)
12 - Sailed about on The Lake (Sat)
13 - Enjoyed Ceviche and Cream Cheese/Pesto/Sun Dried Tomato spread appetizers and wine with Auntie J (Sat)
14  - Dined on Tilapia and Pasta Salad (Sat)
15 - Watched a Music Documentary (Sat)
16 - Made S'mores over gas grill flames (Sat)
17 - Watched the night sky for meteor showers (Sat & Sun)
18 - Slept to the sound of Loud Bullfrogs (Sat pm)
19 - Woke to the sound of Panting Dogs (Sun)
20 - Rode Bikes and Got Very Sore (Sun)
21 - Watched a Cute Kitty Sunbathe in a Sandy Beach and Frolic in the lake (Sun)
22 - Read in The Shade (Sat & Sun)
23 - Obligatory Target Run (Sun)
24 - Obligatory Eddie Bauer Outlet Run for Replacement Shorts (Sun)
25 - Minimized Sunburns with Extra Sunscreen (Sat & Sun)
26 - Drank Lots of Water (Sat & Sun)
27 - Cooled down Hot Kitties with Damp Washclothes (Sun)
28 - Slept Soundly in Our Bed (Sun pm)

Full, happy weekend enjoyed by all. :)


  1. Good idea about cooling the kitties down with damp washcloths. We kept giving Lyra and Lily ice cubes in their water bowls, and extra wet food.

  2. I hear there actually is video evidence of this incredible weekend! Something that the whole world might enjoy watching. Why won't you play it on Sessions? Why not??

  3. Harpo? What the heck? Did Peter give himself a new nickname? I thought that was our job.

    I want to hear more details about the kitty that went swimming. And who/where/why you used a gas grill to make s'mores. I'm also slightly curious how you could have eaten so many dinners in an approximate 48 hour timeframe.

    Love, Sunshine