Wednesday, January 18, 2012

8 months!

At eight months old, we are cruising. Or should I say, crawling?
Yep, our girl started crawling forward, officially, on her 8 month old birthday. She's mastered the backwards crawl for quite a few weeks now, but she woke up on Monday and it was like, lightbulb moment! She snuck up on the dog this evening and I literally could not stop laughing. She's going a mile a minute now that she can finally move, and is oh so happy with her progress.

What else is our girl up to at 8 months? She babbles constantly and plays endlessly. She'll happily play on the floor for quite some time by herself, as long as she knows we're close by. She sits with us at the dinner table every night while we three eat our dinner together. She usually has bites of whatever we eat, plus some pureed baby food or yogurt. She drinks water out of a shot glass.... (looks like I finally found a good use for the shot glass I refused to throw away!) to wash her dinner down. She still nurses a ton and I'm taking all sorts of yummy, maple syrup supplements to keep up with her appetite. No plans to quit anytime soon!

After mastering crawling on Monday she started pulling herself up to standing on Tuesday. Walked in on her in her crib, standing up and bouncing up and down, squealing with delight. My first thought? "Crap."

She lights up when she sees her dad come into view and reaches for me when she's unhappy or sad. She gives big old open mouth kisses and leans in for hugs. She is super affectionate and snuggly, and will cuddle on our laps for half an hour, just content to sit and hang out with her folks. :)

Ellie sleeps horribly some nights and amazing others. Last night she slept straight from 7:30pm-6:45am. The night before that she was up six times. You never know what you're gonna get with her.

She's got two razor teeth on the bottom... Super cute to watch her chew with her teeth! Please don't chew on mama!

Peter chimes in, "I think her favorite thing to do is throw her spoons on the floor. And her measuring cups. And her spatulas." (yep, those are her favorite toys, and this is the game she plays with her daddy at dinner time. She throws her spoon on the floor, peeks down to watch where it fell, he picks it up and gives it back. Repeat, endlessly).

Needless to say, our girl is amazingly fun, sweet and happy. We are so incredibly thrilled to be her parents and can't believe our good luck that she, of all babies, came to join our family eight short months ago!
8 months of me and my girl! :)

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  1. She is the cutest baby ever and keeps getting even more adorable!! I love that she sits at the table and eats with you! Does she use a Tri-Delt, or Whitman, shot glass, by chance?