Sunday, January 22, 2012


Happily, I took the week off work last week as vacation. I had all sorts of plans on how I'd join the likes of mamas who get to stay with their babies during the day and dreamed up big plans for Ellie and I. We'd go to the library, have some playdates, bring the doggie to the dog park, etc, etc. What did we end up doing?

Absolutely nothing. Thank you to Snowpocalypse, Snowmaggedon, Epic Winter Storm 2012. Whatever you want to call it, the entire Pacific Northwest got whalloped this week with somewhere between 6 inches to 2 feet of snow, depending on where you lived. Following the snow was either a serious ice storm, or just more snow, again, depending on location (in Seattle and outlying areas, there is so much geographic diversity that even a couple miles between homes can result in some seriously different weather patterns). Needless to say, our entire family didn't leave the house for days on end. Ellie and I were stuck from Sunday to Friday. Serious Cabin Fever!! Plus, E isn't really old enough to play in the snow, so when we brought her outside, she just looked confused and a little miserable, and then her little nose would get all bright red and we'd bring her back inside.

Peter got lots of work done from home. I accomplished virtually nothing I had set out to accomplish. Our little Miss Eleanor however, had a red-letter week. Not only did she learn to crawl (forward, on all fours!), but she learned to pull herself up to standing and even mastered the art of feeding herself. Yep, our baby girl made some significant progress this week. I like to think it was being cooped up with her mama which triggered it. :)

While we didn't exactly have the week I was hoping for, we had a wonderful time together. I fell even more in love with both my husband and my girl (sounds cheesy, but true! It was actually nice being cooped up together all week. That's not to say I didn't load up the car and get the heck out as soon as the roads improved only slightly, but...). And, I took hundreds of pictures so we'd always remember our fun, winter storm. Pictures up next!

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