Monday, June 4, 2012

ah, vacation!

Peter took last week off work, and we were so glad he did. We realized that in the four years we've been together, there have only been two times where we were both off work for a full week at the same time - once was our honeymoon, once was last week. And, it turns out that the more time we spend together as a family, the more we like each other (previously thought this would have been impossible, as I think we've always liked each other an awful lot!) :)

We spent the week just enjoying the time off with no agenda. Unfortunately Ellie got sick so we were around the house quite a bit waiting on her to feel better, but that's life! We spent the morning leisurely hanging around the house, took a lot of naps, ate really well, explored some new and old favorite parks, read books, etc. A perfect week (minus the fever), really.

The house definitely seems a bit bigger this morning, and we definitely miss "dad-dad." When I got Ellie up this morning, she immediately called out "daddy!" and ran off to our bedroom to find him, looking in the bathroom and up on the bed. She soon settled for Eeyore though (not a good substitution, but a decent distraction!).

Some pics from our week:

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