Saturday, June 9, 2012

sick. whine. cough.

One of my many character flaws (yes, shocking I know! hahaha) is that I very much like to have things scheduled, agendas planned, the flow of the day pre-arranged in my head, etc. I've been known to fall asleep thinking out the next day, "If El wakes up at 6:30, then she can nap around 8-9:45, I'll do the dishes, jump in the shower, sweep and mop the floors and be ready to go when she wakes up, we'll head to the store for 45 minutes and when we come back, we'll...". I usually run down several scenarios in my head, and when the day doesn't go as planned, it stresses me out. When there are appointments or big things to do on the day that doesn't go as planned, it really takes me a while to settle myself down and realize that, most of the time, it just isn't that big a deal.

This whole week was like that for me. It's Saturday and I've left the house exactly three times since Tuesday.  Nothing has been accomplished. I've basically worn the same thing all week, and consider it a major victory that I have washed my face and brushed my teeth each day. Plus, it's been really shitty weather. Sorry for the cursing, but it's true. I got a text from Peter yesterday saying that a major hailstorm had just passed his office downtown, and letting me know it should be overhead shortly. Two minutes later, the sky opened. Hail, ya'll. In June. I'm ready for next week to start, and hoping it starts tomorrow and brings some sunshine with it. Whine, whine, whine.

Monday morning El woke up with a runny nose, so we scrapped plans for that day. Spent the day hanging around the house together, which was just fine. 

Tuesday things seemed to unravel with a routine trip to the dentist for a filling for me. I tend to get uncomfortable and antsy with the idea of dental work, but honestly - after having an unmedicated childbirth - getting injections anywhere just doesn't really make me nervous at all anymore. This was different though - the moment the dentist injected me with the local anesthesia, it felt as though he had injected epinephrine directly into my heart. Heart palpitations, dizzy, nauseous, room spinning - major panic attack like symptoms. It was horrible. The filling was quick and painless and I went home deep breathing and trying to make sense of the reaction I'd just felt. By that night though, it was obvious that this reaction was really going to take some time to get out of my system. My whole body felt drugged; like I was fighting staying awake after taking a sleeping pill. My heart pounded for hours. To make matters way worse, El's cold had intensified (and I was starting to come down with it, too) and she woke up 6 times that night. Twice, I literally could NOT move my body to go rescue my crying girl. It was like I was pinned down by the medication.

Wednesday was spent recovering from Tuesday's disaster (took all day to feel normal again) and taking care of both of us, who now had full fledged head colds. Thursday the colds were worse, and Friday they were worse still. Today I can hear that for both Ellie and myself, the colds have settled in our chests and we are both wheezing and coughing and generally just cranky and unhappy. And, bored. Slightly stir crazy, and because I tend to fill the boredom with baking, I've paid for it with a couple of extra pounds (just water weight, right?!)

So - that's that. I know usually I try to end blog posts on a cheerful, upbeat note, and while there are definitely things to be cheerful and joyous about today, I'm not really feeling it. 

Although, the perk in all that, has been spending some serious quality, pj time with this girl:

Okay - pictures of my El is a little upbeat, right? Can't not add a little sweetness, right? 

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  1. So sorry it has been such a rough week! I am so ready for you guys to be well! (Selfishly too, because we need our friends back!)