Wednesday, March 31, 2010

out like a lion....

I'm a terrible blogger right now. I'm sorry! No excuses, other than... laziness. :)

I love spring. I love the promise of warmer weather, the triumph of making it through yet another grey, bleary winter and the smell of the earth heating up. I just love almost everything about it. Spring round these parts is unpredictable though, and just because it's Spring does not mean that the weather will be great. Very early Monday morning, Petesie and I were woken up at the same time by a crazy amount of rain, rocking our house. Spring storms are the best when snuggled up with someone you love.

It's been a busy couple of weeks for us. Sunday, March 21st marked the passage of the first ever large scale Health Reform bill. Despite some very strong opposition from the Republicans (strong opposition = adamantly standing against every.single.thing Democrats say, do, think, feel, etc....) we passed it. We were VERY proud of our leaders that night, Petesie celebrated by woopin' and cheerin' and singin' Proud To Be An American for several days on end. Seriously. Singing loudly out the car windows while driving down the crowded streets of Sodo. That's my happy man!

Last weekend, we got up to the cabin for a nice 36 hour weekend trip with our friends The Lasers. (not really their name..... but it's what we call them.... thanks to Petesie for making up nicknames for everyone, I now also refer to people by their Petesie Names). The Lasers brough their dog Max, who quickly became Monty's best friend ever. Sorry, Milo. It was a great weekend, very relaxing, fun, full of good food, good company and sunshine. We arrived late Friday night and I pulled together a quick meal of pasta and grilled chicken tossed with pesto, french bread, Chalet Talley Cabernet and a great salad. On Saturday we took the dogs to Lake Wenatchee, watched them romp and frolic and walked along the cross country ski trail (keeping our eyes open for Cinnamon the Bear!). The walk wasn't too long, maybe a couple of miles, but when we came home we were all so exhausted that we all fell asleep for almost two hours. Even the dogs. Something about the cabin that really makes us lazy. :)

Saturday night we had Mexican food in Leavenworth followed by a flight of wine at Icicle Ridge Winery and a night back at the cabin playing cards. Sunday we took the doggies for another walk along the aqueduct and soaked in the sun. I love the smell of the cabin when the warm spring and summer sun hits it. There is something so distinctive about that smell, so warm and comforting and relaxing. By the time we got home on Sunday night, we were watching the weather forecast for the next several days anticipating two feet of snow on the pass. Hard to believe!

Monday night I made what I called Spicy Sicillian Seafood Risotto. Delicious. Not that spicy, and I have no idea if it was actually Sicillian, but boy, was it tasty. Last night I took some of the leftovers, formed them into patties, dipped them in flour, egg and breadcrumbs and pan fried them up. Seriously - so good. I am SO glad that I made a TON of risotto, because that means there are more lefties for more Risotto cakes tonight (for me. I think Petesie is ready to move on.... can't blame him).

So, that's life these days. It's March 31st and tomrrow is the first day of April. :) Yay!


  1. How was your April Fool's day? Any pranks played on you?

  2. That pretty much sums up a typical weekend in the Lacy household. and the spicy risotto was scrumptious! Love you Sweetie!