Saturday, April 3, 2010 like a lion

Last night we had "Wind Storm 2010" pass through the region. Lots of wind howling and rain crashing down, and after a great goodbye dinner with a friend who is leaving Starbucks to go back to India, we snuggled up to our old friends in The West Wing and fell asleep with the wind shaking the house.

Our company tests new products on their employees and on Thursday morning we got wind of a new product testing. We got in line early (first ones there!) with some of our friends to make sure we got some. Needless to say (perhaps this was because it was April Fools??), the food never came, and we waited, and waited... not so fun. :( Petesie refers to it as The Great Fiasco, so to make up for it, I made an amazing breakfast - buttermilk waffles this morning with strawberries and freshly whipped cream. It did take the sting out of TGF, but only slightly.

We've spent the day thus far working on projects - Petesie is working on reupholstering our dining room booth, and I detailed two cars. One of which hadn't been cleaned since before the wedding, so it was pretty in need. Midway through the process I realized a Target run was needed to finish the project, so off I went. Needless to say, it's rare to leave Target without spend some serious money, so I picked up a much needed flash drive reader to upload pics from my camera. Yay!

Without further ado... here are some everyday pics of the last couple of months:

Behold - Dinner at the Lacy House... Shrimp N' Grits...
An up close shot. Seriously delicious!
Baking rolls for a Christmas Party:
The couple that bakes together, stays together:
He's kind of my superman:
A casual Sunday morning breakfast:
Self explanatory. Note my pretty mantle my handyman husband built for me:

Happy Easter weekend!


  1. It's about time i got this Friend account going so I can be notified when you post. Your posts are too good and too "meaty" (pun intended) to miss any! What a way to spend a young life -- you two are inspiring. Wish I were a little mouse in the corner. No, take that back. Wish I were in a little house down the street. Sigh. Missing you both. And Happy Spring!

  2. I love your food pictures, especially since I recognized your plates! The last picture is pretty cute too. Happy Easter!

  3. Thanks Em! We LOVE the plates by the way!

    Lyn - we wish you were in a little house down the street too...

  4. Your waffle story reminded Gabey and me of The Office 'pretzel day' episode. Cracked us up, the thought of J&P standing eagerly in line for a non existent waffle.