Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring has sprung!

Oh, I am so happy. And sore. Yes, I worked in the garden for many hours on Sunday and today (Tuesday) I can hardly walk - hobbling all over the place. It's either a sign of me working my bum off in the yard, OR me being completely out of shape... (hint: it's the latter). :)

But, I was proud of my work and Petesie was proud of me too.

When I get into a project, I like to see it from completion, start to finish, right away. I think that's why I like to cook - at most a project will last one or two days, and then you immediately reap the fruits of your labor. I'm finding out that gardening isn't like that - a constant work in progress. So, while I have "before" pics to share, I don't really have "after" pics quite yet. But I do have six new plants in pots, the beginning of a bed on the side of the house with a landscape built in my head (but only one plant planted in the ground) and a little rock bed that I converted to a flower and herb bed... but no pics quite yet. I can tell I'll be tinkering with this project all summer. :)

Here are the before pics though. Can you believe I let the deck get this bad?! Terrible Feng Shui!

And on a side note - I've written about this before, but please allow me to write a little bit more. I have the greatest guy in the world and I hope I never take him for granted for one minute. He's got such a great heart, and my whole heart. Yesterday his baseball team opened a brand new outdoor stadium and he was seriously SO happy - like, pure, boyish joy, just from watching his team play in a brand, spanking-new shiny stadium. Something else that makes him happy is his doggie. A boy and his dog - there must be a reason why this relationship is written about throughout history. He just loves that big, hairy, smelly and scruffy boy.

Here he is lecturing Monty on how to be a better dog:
And here is a picture of him loving on his doggie:
Aww... melts my little stone heart. :)


  1. You're my girl!
    Love, Momsy

  2. Before you and Spring are through, that deck will be resplendent with gorgeous plants, I just know. And new photos will help me enjoy it, since I can't be there to see it with you. Go get 'em, girl! Missing you, Lyn Ellen