Friday, April 16, 2010

I hate post titles.

There, I said it. I hate finding up with witty, clever post titles in which I slightly amuse the reader, while simultaneously capturing their attention. Can I quit post titles all together?

It is Friday night and I could not be happier and welcome this evening with arms wide open. We just got home from visiting Jani at the hospital (boo to surgery, but YAY for Jani feeling better!) and are now faced with the vast, empty Friday night that is just begging to be filled with... absolutely nothing at all. So great. Baseball game is on (Felix is pitching!) and frozen turkey burger patties are thawing (much to Petesie's dismay... he's not a huge fan of turkey burgers but they are what I do when I don't want to do much at all)....

On a side note: I went online and spent $17 on "fat jeans" at Old Navy. I am SO tired of my jeans feeling tight (which is what happens when you gain weight, I know...) so I got cheap jeans in a size up. I thought I could hang around in them for the summer, garden in them, stretch them out, wear them with a belt, etc... comfy, cozy "boyfriend" jeans. Only a size up, it turns out, I can barely button up. Yep. The jeans I got to be "fat jeans" are actually super tight (but surprisingly cute!). Oh well. I guess I won't be gardening in them now. :)


  1. Jani is feeling better! Twins win! M's Win! West Wing on Friday nights rules! Sweetie looks great in her new jeans! Woo! Woo!

  2. you should have seen the Sweetie in the garden today -- she was in her element! it is obvious why this new-found activity has become such a passion for her: it involves science, ingredients for meals, and asthetic improvements -- all things that she loves! I love it because she's cute getting all dirty and stuff. I overheard her today outside go "Ew! A little bug thing!" and had to laugh cause that's my Sweetie :)