Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Madness

Easter is much fun around the Lacy/Myre/Lucas/Eagle household. Our good friends John and Cathy host our whole fam for a bit of mayhem on the farm - a huge Easter brunch, mimosas, an easter egg hunt and a gift exchange. This year was no different, although the mimosas were Orange Mango, so that was slightly different (amazing by the way. Highly recommend Orange Mango Mimosa).

Monty LOVES going out to the farm, even though he's usually tethered up so he doesn't go ballistic on anyone or knock Grandma Jean down. The egg hunt is usually just grown ups participating, of course, we act like crazed children, pushing people out of the way in our quest for a brightly colored plastic egg filled with monopoly money. The person with the most money gets the first gift...

Some more pics of the chaos - Mikk at brunch, cracking us up:

Mom and Piret weren't sure which camera to look at:
Me, Petesie and Gabe:
Monty found an egg... and ate it:


  1. Great day at Huckleberry Hill Farm! Thanks Kaschkos for love, food and mango mimosas.

  2. Monty says: Thanks for the BEST DAY EVER !!

  3. Huckleberry Hill Farm is so lovely! It must have been soo fun to have an Easter Egg Hunt there! Did the sheep and alpaca participate too?

  4. Pls send me that cute shot of you pete and gabe.