Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Best Post EVER

Overall, we have had a fantastic weekend. There is much to blog about, but this post is going to be limited to all things Pioneer Woman.

Yep, P-Dub herself came to Seattle this weekend, and who better to greet her than big sissy Jordan and myself.

Please - if you haven't yet go to and then make her Fancy Mac & Cheese. Or, her warm spinach salad (but if you do that, please substitute blue cheese for mushrooms and omit the hard boiled eggs all together). Or, one of her many other recipes. Trust me, you'll be glad you did (as I write this, her Best Lasagna Ever is cooking in my oven)....

So, Big Sissy trekked up to Seattle and we went crazy over Ree. Like, nervous, re-applying lip gloss several times, first-date, can't stop talking kind of crazy. After maximizing our cuteness I kissed Petesie goodbye and off we went to Third Place Books.
Where we found hundreds of women just like us.

We hoped we'd somehow stand out so she'd want to be our friend. We even brought her a present - from Starbucks - to maximize our chance that she'd want to be our best friend. And then we got a ticket (ours was in the "G" group) and realized that we were going to be waiting for a LONG long time. So, we did what any Talley/Lucas/Myre/Paris/Lacy girl would do, and went to the bar across the street and drank our nerves away and nibbled on Coconut Shrimp.
The good thing was that the book store was calling up the groups alphabetically, and only that letter was allowed in line. So all other letters could mingle at the book store, shop around, or hang out at the food court. After wasting some time at the bar, we decided to go back to the book store, where there were even more crazy women just like us and what was looking like a very long wait.

We waited and waited. Jordan showed me what she thinks of today's children's books as well as baby naming books.
Several times P-Dubs oldest daughter walked by us (we'd camped out in the teenage book section) and we'd smile at her. Poor girl looked bored out of her mind, and I commented that she really needed a sister to pass the time with. Like how big sissy and I have each other. :)
We waited and waited.

Finally, we couldn't wait any longer so we walked around and went down an escalator - into a lobby which led us directly into Rite Aid. So we went makeup shopping and even picked out Ree's favorite lipstick color (Totally Toffee by Maybelline). And bronzer, and eyeliner and... mentos.
Then we went back upstairs. And FINALLY they called letter "G." We scurried up to the line and started waiting some more. Only this time, we were in a line, and it was inching along up to The Pioneer Woman herself, who was at the front of the line, behind a desk, graciously smiling at everybody and talking to each person who came up to her. Then it was our turn. We grasped hands and walked up to Ree. She signed our books. We squeaked out "hi!" and then I said, "I got you a present!" and she kindly thanked me and I encouraged her to visit the first Starbucks in Pike Place Market. We had lots of plans about what clever things we'd say to her, but all plans fell through and after she signed our books, we skipped off like giddy little girls and called our mom, squealing with delight.
I was so happy.
We both felt victorious.
Then we went to another bar and had a glass of wine, and sighed deep breaths and realized how we'd just had so much fun for a total of thirty seconds with our culinary hero. Totally worth it.

Thanks for coming up Jordan!!! I love you!!


  1. Well, I have to say that was perhaps the best post ever! It had drama, wit, charm, lipstick, sisterly good times...and did I mention drama? And how cut do The Sweetie and her big sissy look in those photos? Clearly they were having the time of their lives Thanks PW for being so kind to my girls! It's nice when your heroes turn out to be good people, isn't it?

  2. I'm so jealous that you got to meet Ree Drumond!!! The Pioneer Woman is amazing. I love making her Christmas Rum Cake!!!

  3. Very funny post Julia. You make your mama laugh.

  4. Uh! I miss her already. Am possibly thinking about skipping out on yoga, family life, eating, exercise, etc. and running over to Beaverton to catch her again. But then I'd have to wait another 5 hours. Without you! It would be no fun at all. Seriously, I had such a super good time with you seeing Ree, our new best friend.

    Love you Jules,

  5. Very cute blog and super cool that P-Dub featured you on her site! You are best friends for sure. :) I'm a new follower, check out my blog too!

  6. How fun! I wish I could have my PW cookbook signed too!

  7. OMG YOU'RE LINKED TO THE PIONEER WOMEN! On her blog, she mentions your blog! I'm sooo jealous!

  8. I like the photo of the 2 of you make-up shopping. Funny!

  9. I love that you remembered her favorite kind of make-up and bought it for her - what amazing fans!

  10. Sounds like such a fun evening! :) I came here from PW... I'll have to check out the rest of your blog! :)