Saturday, May 8, 2010

you should see the other guy....

Petesie tells me that's what "athletes" say about their competition...

Yesterday, our director at work took his team of about 12 to an offsite team meeting for the first part of the day, followed by... whirlyball. For those that don't know or have never played, imagine 10 grownups who are used to seeing each other at our professional best in bumpercars with lacrosse type sticks, throwing a whiffle ball down the court trying to get it into the basket at each end. Bumpercars meets lacrosse meets basketball. Only we all work together, so naturally feel the need to rev up our little bumper car engines as fast as we possibly can and hit whoever we can hit (whether or not they have the ball) as fast as we possibly can. Then we get pleasure watching the look on each others' faces when they do a slow-motion whiplash moves and make some hilarious sounding gutteral noise.

We were brutal. No second chances, no pauses for thought, "is hitting my director so hard going to come back to bite me come Monday?" shouting out at each other and generally taking any and all work agression out physically on each other.

The funny thing is, generally Monday - Friday we all pretty much get along. :)

Today I woke up feeling like I've been in thirty car accidents. Holy heck. But, as Petesie said, you should see the other guys. I show no mercy on the whirlyball court.


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  2. I am here to testify that several people have been limping around work this week while expressing their new-found respect (read: fear) of Sweetie. I HAVE seen the others guys, folks, and it's not a pretty sight!


  3. Sweetie, Sweetie, wherefor art thou, Sweetie....?