Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend O' Fun

After debating for what seemed like hours, we finally decided late on Saturday morning to pack up and head east to the cabin with the Lucas three. We were very glad we went, although like most cabin weekends, it wasn't exactly jampacked full of action. That's what's so great about the cabin, especially when it's just you and the fam. There is always lost of restin' and relaxin', eatin' and drinkin', and nobody judges you for being too tired to walk down the street to look at the new development because you've exhausted yourself simply by being awake and eating breakfast. No judging! :)(at the cabin, even reading a book can wear you out!)

We arrived around 4:30 Saturday night and the rest of the fam was doing their thing in Leavenworth, so Petesie and I got to relax a little bit by ourselves. When the fam came home (fresh meat and cheese from Leavenworth in tow), we ended up hanging out and munching on quite a spread of meets and cheeses and wine. I may or may not have somehow opened the bottle of wine and caused the non-carbonated beverage to spray up in my face and burn my eyes. I may or may not have thought for a minute I was going to be blinded by Riesling. :)
We had a great spread for dinner on Saturday night - blue cheese salad, grilled pork chops, roasted asparagus and crunchy country bread. Of course, dessert was the best of all: Yes, that is animal cookies and an amazing bottle of wine. I thought it was a perfect pairing. I was alone in my thinking however, as all the other grown ups declared their hatred for the wonderful pink and white frosted pieces of heaven. Mom ended up having to wrestle the bag out of my hands and throw the rest of the cookies away for fear I was going to gain 15 pounds by cookies alone.

Saturday night we played a rousing game of scrabble. We threw out the rules and declared that you could use any word you wanted to use as long as the majority of players at the table supported your word choice. Obviously this led to some interesting choices:(In honor of our missing jet-setting auntie)

And moments after this word went down, someone at the table may have spelled out D-O-G in front of it:(inappropriate!!)

But the best word/phrase of the night went to Gabe, who put this together:That's right "I NEED A PEAR CURE"

We were getting pretty silly by that time and decided to let her have it... Really, who doesn't need a pear cure?

By the end of the night, we found Stan and Milo snuggled up like this: hmmmm.... those two really love each other.....

On Sunday, Gabe, Petesie and I went for a hike in the woods with our doggies. The sun was finally out and we decided we were all in need of a little nature.

Petesie proudly found a baseball:

We saw this sign on one of the trails:

And then we saw this:
Nope, not a bear, just Milo. :) After seeing the sign though, we started thinking maybe we should keep our "bear" on a leash, lest any other hikers with a shotgun see our "bear" and....

We walked for several miles through the woods and then we started hearing some strange sounds. Cheers in the distance. We walked further and started smelling some strange smells. Deep fried foods. Funnel cake, perhaps? And, then we hear music. Through the trees we hear fair music, and then lo and behold saw high in the air some trapeze artists! In the midst of our nature walk, we stumbled upon a carnival!
How odd.

Needless to say, we love the cabin and can't wait to go back, for more of this:

And, on a side note - today is this big guy's 7th Birthday:

Happy Birthday Monty, we love you!


  1. Nothing beats a relaxed time with family. Away from all the demands of our daily workaday lives. You describe it perfectly, animal crackers and Reisling. Soak it up, my girl! You"ve got it down pat! Love, Lyn

  2. Glad you had a fun relaxing weekend!

  3. The Sweetie just bought me a grill as a graduation present! Okay, I only finished with my last night class of the year, but it's the thought that counts.... Thanks Sweetie! Now, let's do some grilling!

  4. I want a pear cure? Actually today I want a man-i-cure, since I worked by fingers to the bone this weekend in the garden. (Question: How did real pioneer women do it, without gloves, sunscreen, great Felco tools, and the possibility of a morning-after manicure? Julia, can you address that in an upcoming blog post?)
    Mama Carol