Sunday, June 13, 2010

Over 60 only, please!

We have only a couple hard and fast rules at our house.

1) no doggie on the furniture
b) have muffins for breakfast on at least one weekend day per week
3) only see rock concerts if the rocker is over the age of 60. Our only exception to this rule is if the rocker playing is covering a rocker who is over the age of 60 - that counts too.

In the last 10 days we've seen two such shows, both of which ROCKED OUR WORLDS!

So, I've been away from the blog for the last two weeks and for once, we've actually had quite a bit going on. Let's start with last Friday.

Our great friends John and Anja (who we have to thank for my wedding dress, Elton John [yep, he's over 60!!] and the great wine we drank at the cabin) asked us to come with them to Ballard to see an all female Led Zepplin cover band. It was John's birthday, so we met them for burgers and beers and then made our way to the show. Those chicks seriously ROCKED the house. They weren't 60, but Robert Plant is, so we figured it wasn't breaking our rule. So Much Fun.

When we got home from the show, we were greeted by Big Sissy!! She was up for the weekend for a bridal brunch on Sunday for one of her friends, which meant that I got to hang out with her Friday - Sunday morning. We had a great time with her, made even better by the sunny weather on Saturday. Petesie was at class all day, so we decided that we'd surprise him when he got back with a shiny new grill to do some summer BBQin on. We ran to Target and bought a grill, invited the fam for din, made a feast and celebrated summer. (confession - it was my first time EVER making burgers! I took some heat for this, as I'm not really a beginner in the kitchen)

The work week crawled by but then it was Friday away (funny how that always seems to happen!). We celebrated by hanging out at home and watching a movie and gearing up for a great weekend. Yesterday was the warmest day we've seen all year, and it was absolutely gorgeous. I am in love with summers in Seattle and never forget for a minute how lucky we are to live here - blue skies, snow capped mountains (including Mt Rainier, which made quite the stunning appearance yesterday) and sparkling water. Everybody is outside when it's nice out and everywhere you look you see families, doggies, etc... It's like everyone celebrates these days together.

After watching World Cup soccer (USA vs. England), we walked down to the village with Monty, got some fab Fish & Chips and iced tea, sat outside in the sun eating, walked across the street to a park and watched some little league action in the park and went home to rest up for what would be an awesome night - Crosby, Stills & Nash at Chateau St. Michelle winery.

We didn't have tickets but figured we could probably scalp some, which luckily we WERE able to do (for face value!). The night was perfect - beautiful winery, picnic style seating on the grass, copious amounts great wine and, of course, CSN rocked out (yep - they're over 60!!). Petesie LOVES LOVES LOVES CSN (especically 'S' who he lectures me is an incredibly undervalued contributor to rock & roll as we know it) and we sang along and danced barefoot in the grass(okay - I danced barefoot, Petesie just watched me and laughed). Such an awesome night and we were so happy to spend it together in such a happy place. Needless to say, we're a bit groggy today, our heads kind of hurt, but it's another gorgeous day and we're going love the ones we're with, all day long. :)


  1. Oh wow, Rusty is so jealous that you got to see Crosby, Stills and Nash last night! Did you get many pictures?

  2. No! We forgot our cameras, so only got crappy cell-phone pics. Oh well. :)

  3. Thanks, Sweetness, for dancing barefoot to "Love the One You're With"! I think CSN really appreciated the flashback to the 60's that it provided. You make a great hippy-girl! What blast we had! (although I'm still hungover...)


  4. I love Sessions with Sweetie! It's the place to be!!

  5. Aha, so hangovers are to blame for the silence coming from your house yesterday. I counted on you being groggy, but Peter too?

    Go old rockers! Who's next on your Bucket List? (redefined as 'who to see before THEY kick the bucket.')