Monday, November 8, 2010

Soo..... long time..... much to say!

Sorry everyone for going MIA there for a while. :) I swear I wasn't trying to blow off the blog entirely, but, well, life seems to have gotten in the way.

With what, you ask?

Well, first of all, there's this:

That's right, Peter re-did the floors. They look so pretty now. Thanks Petesie!

Then there's this:

We went to the cabin one weekend. Chilled, lounged, found petrified mice and did inappropriate things with them (mom....). Isn't my lil' sis so darn cute??

Then, there's this:

Aren't they cute? Some of the loves of my life, we've had lots of good days lately snuggling. :)

And lastly, there's this:

Oh yeah, that. :)

Spilling the beans - I'm somewhere in between 12-13 weeks pregnant! Ahhh!!! (I say somewhere in between because it changes depending on whose measurements you use. I like the date that says closer to 13 weeks - it makes me just one day away from the coveted second trimester....)

Our littlest one is doing just great. We saw him today (we call it him, but have no idea what gender he actually is... and won't be finding out until he comes out in May!) and he was jumping all over the place and waving hello (swoon.... I just love that lil' guy).

Seriously though - I will be doing more frequent updates now that there is something very exciting to update with. It's just that for the last 10 weeks I've barely had energy to get my head off the couch, and when I do lift my head off the couch, it's usually to throw it over the toilet. So, yeah - they aren't kidding when they say morning sickness is rough. I had NO idea.

I'll update more soon - lots to talk about! How we found out, what happened leading up to the whole "positive pregnancy test", how I'm doing, how Peter's doing, etc...

Okay, that's all for now. :)


  1. Can't wait for you to be a mommy, we have dreamed of being pregnant together since high school! Now we really can go on our stroller walks and have baby playdates!!! =)

  2. YAY, YAY, YAY! I am ecstatic for you!! Let's go shopping for baby stuff soon! I'd love to see you!