Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Changes of late

Not to be too cliche or anything, but it's true what "they" say - babies really do change everyday. Knowing this already probably prepared me to experience it firsthand, but the surprising thing (to me) is how much fun it is watching her grow and change. I always knew I'd be a good, nurturing mama, but I didn't know for sure just how fun this whole adventure would be. It is SO so so fun. Our little girl is developing a little personality and even the smallest milestones are so cool to witness. Unfortunately, next to Peter and my mom, teeny tiny baby milestones are pretty boring to the rest of the world to hear about excessively. For that reason, I try to keep them off facebook BUT because this is my blog and I have no idea if anyone else is even reading this thing (hello?! are you out there!?) I will not refrain from updating you, dear readers. :)

For example - last week we experienced a massive uptick in the amount of drool spilling out of her mouth, and she discovered with copious amounts of saliva comes the ability to blow bubbles. This, my friends, is so dang cute. I'm sure it won't be for long, but watching her blow bubbles and spit is endlessly entertaining.  She's made some progress with her hands lately too, and just this week started bringing toys (which I placed in her grasp) up to her mouth. I would never have thought that these types of "milestones" would get me as excited as they do.

Other changes of late? Peter and I have jumped into the 21st century yesterday with the acquisition of two iPhone. Very fun and yes I'm addicted. Already. No surprises there.

And, along with these iPhones comes a pretty pricey payment plan (for me anyway, I who avoid overpaying for things like the plague). In my attempt to avoid getting unlimited texting, I decided to try out twitter and try to convince those I frequently text to just tweet instead. So, here I am. A blogging, iPhoning, tweeting mama. Ha.

Oh yeah - you should follow me on twitter too! I have no followers, having been a member of the tweetosphone (I coined that name, like it?) for about ten minutes. I'm @sweetiesessions (is that how you say it?).

Happy Tuesday. It's sunny and I have one week left of maternity leave. Hooray!

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  1. I read your posts and I'll follow you on twitter too. I'm @Fettbot!