Friday, August 12, 2011

So much to say

Please allow me to ramble. It's the time of morning when my baby has gone back to sleep. Usually I join her and we snuggle together and snooze, but not today.

My baby is sleeping next to me, wrapped up in a burrito and sucking furiously on a bright green pacifier. Not too much about having a baby all of my very own has surprised me, but WHY didn't anyone tell me how loudly they sleep?! (at this point, you are probably responding, "but at least your baby sleeps!" That she does. Little girl knows how to sleep, and for that I am very, very grateful). Of course, as I typed that last sentence, I felt a familiar stare and glanced down to see two big blue eyes piercing the darkened bedroom. Silly little girl. But, when she does sleep she grunts and moans and rattles loudly. So I keep one earplug in to mute her little symphony at night.

This little burrito baby is the cutest thing I have every laid my eyes on, and is so, so sweet. Her big blue eyes can often be seen seriously studying things around her and I feel that someday soon she'll have a lot of impotant things to earnestly tell us. She seems like an old soul, and I would not be surprised if she's been on this earth before. When she was born is seemed so obvious that she knew secrets we didn't. We were meant to be together, this little girl and I. She is my true soul mate and her spirit completes mine. I think she's always been mine. :)When she smiles (and sometimes she makes one work hard to receive a smile), her eyes squint and her face erupts in joy. Her smile makes her light up like a full moon in the dark sky.

Her hair is golden. Not blonde, not brown and not red, but somewhere in between. In the sunlight it is almost rose gold. It parts one one side (she comes by this naturally, her dad has kept a part in his hair forever!) and is very uneven. Big and full on one side and patchy on the other. Her little 'do cracks me up. Her lips are rosebuds and her skin is smooth like butter.

Her legs are strong. I already knew this from the previous 9 months I got to spend getting to know her. She loves to stand on them. She sits up with help and loves to look around. When she's placed on her tummy, she'll either rest her head and munch on her hands, hang out for a couple minutes and then scream at me, or roll right over so she can keep rolling around. Her fingers are long and her hands are big.

I am so, so thankful of all the babies in the world, we got this one. What a perfect plan and perfect match. I love this girl with every fiber of my being. Soon, hopefully, I will recount the last ten months or so. So many stories to write. But today I will stop here, put away the computer and snuggle up with my warm burrito, feel her breath on my chest and drift off to sleep. What luck.

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