Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday morning, part II

Um, is it really Saturday morning again? Did I really just give this blog post the same title as last week's post? Gosh - I sure am creative!

Not to sound like a broken record, but these weeks are FLYING by! On the one hand, that's a great thing - the whole household is so busy Monday through Friday that before we know it, it's the weekend again. On the other hand, it means that as each week passes, our girl is another week older and we barely had a moment to breathe, let alone soak up each moment of Eleanor before she presents us with a slightly newer, older model of baby.
Pumpkin Day on the Farm!
Flying Baby!
We had such a busy week. Ellie had her first little cold, and although she was never miserably sick, I wished I could have spent the whole week by her side. Despite the fact that she wasn't feeling well, I have never heard a cuter sounding cough in my whole life. :) My work has picked up big time and on Tuesday for the first time I pulled a 13 hour day and left Peter with Ellie in the evening. I came home with a broken heart, aching for my baby. She was asleep in our bed and poor Peter looked a little shell-shocked. Needless to say, evenings aren't always her happiest time of the day, and she can be a bit challenging to get to sleep on occasion.
She's mastered the art of sitting up!
I ran an all day meeting on Wednesday and had my laptop hooked up to project against the wall, forgetting that Ellie's face was my backdrop. So all the meeting participants got to see a huge Ellie's face on the way for the majority of the meeting. :) So we were busy, busy all week, up until the moment when I was about to walk (okay, run) out of the office on Friday afternoon and instead got pulled into a meeting with several VPs to go over an initiative we are taking on next week. Fitting to end the week that way.
Hi Ellie!
On an unrelated note:

Her birthday was running through my head over and over again last night. I dreamed about giving birth - about the pain and beauty and fear and joy all wrapped up into those hours. It was the single most transformative day of my life. I know that until the day I die, May 16, 2011 will remain the most monumental and pivotal day in my life. Even subsequent births, if I am so lucky to bring more babies into this world, will not have the same impact as hers did, as never again will I become a mother for the first time. Despite that, and despite being (hopefully) about two-ish years from having another baby, I eagerly anticipate the next time I get to give birth.

On another unrelated note:

I gained somewhere in the 60 lb range during my pregnancy. I never thought I'd be that kind of mom-to-be, but oh well. I was up at least 15 lbs from my ideal weight when I got pregnant, so that left me facing a whopping SEVENTY FIVE pound weight loss at the end. I've lost 60 so far, thanks to a) birthing a baby and all that, b) nursing that baby round the clock and c) weight watchers. WW was great at first, but now that I'm back at work, it is SO hard to keep up with, and my motivation has plummeted. Now that I can get back into my pants again, it seems my desire to actually DO something about my weight is nonexistant. I hate that. I need to be motivated again, and I miss seeing the number on the scale drop. It hasn't moved in about three weeks. So, I'm going to kick the diet back into gear (oh, joy). Just thought I'd put that out there on the internet, maybe as a way of holding myself accountable or something. Or perhaps just to overshare. :)

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  1. Best of luck! You can do it! I can't believe how successful you were already!!!