Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Writers Block

I have writer's block. I actually have "everything block" right now, if there is such a thing. I don't kow what to make for dinner(s), I don't have much to say when I get home from work, I don't know what to write about... It's amazing I get anything done at all during the day. :)
The truth is - despite my best attempts at choosing a good attitude - I am TIRED.  These days take every ounce of energy I have. Eleanor is getting bigger and a little more impatient as she grows. I think she wants to get up, walk, talk, dance and sing. I swear, that little girl has SO much on her mind. I love this time with her as a baby, but cannot wait to hear her open her mouth and share her thoughts. I think her first word will be a complete sentence like, "mama, please explain the theory of relativity again." Needless to say, when we get home from work - she's tired, antsy and does NOT want to be ignored, even for a moment. (not that I want to ignore her - I just want to take thirty seconds to put away the bottles and wash the pump parts without being hollered for!).
Look who tried cereal for the first time!
My point to this post about my writer's block is that I actually voice recorded on my phone on my way home some ideas of what to write about, things I actually care and would like to share about. So hopefully, less writer's block to come, and more interesting posts. On that note - here is an interesting article I read today. It made me think about what it means to want a family and the lengths we'd go to to get one. For me, those who want a family deserve a family. I don't care if you're a 55 year old wanting to get pregnant, or a gay couple wanting to wed - to deny someone that opportunity or look down on them because it's outside of the "norm" just isn't right. We all deserve to love and be loved, and as the structure of our world changes, we need to rise to the occassion and change our expectations.
Mama made some delicious squash for babykins! (that's Lacy speak for "the baby")
On a side note (yet sort of related) - yesterday was our two year wedding anniversary! On the one hand, it feels like just yesterday that we got married. Memories from that day are almost as fresh in my mind as they were the day after the wedding. On the other hand - it feels like a decade of living has happened between then and now. Between home projects, job changes, trying to get pregnant, getting pregnant, being pregnant, having a baby, raising a baby, etc... Life is certainly different today than it was two years ago! I feel so truly lucky to have found someone who fits with me, gets me and loves me the way he does. I am so lucky that I get to raise his babies. :)
Our family - of THREE!
cute little babykins!

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