Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday morning

Looks like fall is officially here. It should have been obvious, what with the whole "back to school" thing, football weekends, baseball playoffs, etc...  I'm a little oblivious to seasons these days, I guess. :) Baby girl was up early this morning so we ran to the grocery store together in our pjs (okay - she was in her jammies. I put on some jeans) and when we got out of the car I totally realized that it was freezing cold and she must have felt it too. Mama fail, I suppose. She's so sweet and easy, I love going grocery shopping with her when the store is almost empty (the exception being at least three other mamas carrying their babies too - that must be in the unwritten guide-book or something). We walk up and down the aisles and in the produce section as I make selections I talk her through what I'm doing and why, let her touch and smell the produce and explain how we know when something is ripe. She smelled cilantro and held yukon golds (I told her how they are nice and buttery flavored) and then we picked out some bananas for her to try later this morning. Sweet mornings together. Plus, picked up a roast on sale, which I'll teach her how to turn into a super easy dinner tomorrow night!

With the arrival of fall, I seem to be experiencing some weird PTSDish flashbacks of last fall, when I was huddled over a toilet nonstop for months. Like, I can feel the nausea at weird times during the day and brining out my fall wardrobe is making me re-experience it all over again. Lord, how I do not miss that at all!

Peter's birthday was yesterday and tonight I'm making celebratory dinner - "Sweetie Pies" - aka - delicious pizza. I'll make bbq chicken pizza and brussel sprout & prosciutto, with creme brulee for dessert. Can't wait!

What else is going on? I can hear baby girl through the monitor waking up from her nap (now I hear her daddy talking to her!), while I'm eating breakfast of leftover Thai Beef Basil and coffee - strange combination, but delicious any time of the day! :) Work is busy busy this week and next week I'll have to work some overtime, which makes me sad to be away from my girl, but mama's gotta do what mama's gotta do! There are wood choppers in the backyard, so Monty is having some minor panic attacks and a pile of laundry stacked a mile high, so chores call....

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I love that you explain all the grocery shopping to her and that you call pizzas, Sweetie Pies!!!!