Friday, December 30, 2011

On saying Goodbye and Hello, at the same time

I'm working from home today, thanks to a terribly sore back, yet another sleepless night and a cold that won't quit. So, here I am, the day before New Year's Eve, monitoring my inbox and realizing that THE WHOLE WORLD seems to be quiet today. It's quiet here too. Our wonderful, fabulous twice-weekly nanny (Hi B if you read this!) came this morning and took sweet E back to her house. For some reason, I can't sleep when I know Ellie's up and active - unless her nanny is watching her. Then, it's lights out for me - total trust in someone is rare and peace inducing.

It's the time of year where folks feel reflective about where we came from and anticipatory of what's around the corner. I'm finding myself caught up in that hoopla this year as well, much more so than years past. Our family has had quite the rollercoaster year, one in which you simply do your best to hang on.

So, with that in mind, let me recap (in a PC, internet friendly way, my-family-reads-my-blog, way of course) some of what we've experienced this last year.
  • One of us (not naming names!) had a red-letter year, career wise, which involved some scary unknown times, and not only a job change, but a massive directional upheaval in career path. This took a lot of effort, trust, deep breathing and faith that things tend to work out in the end, and today I'm extremely optimistic and thankful for this change
  • One of us (uh, me) gained 40+ lbs and lost 65+... My body shows the wear and tear, and I COULD NOT be more proud of this accomplishment. The scars and stretch marks I will wear proudly for life, as a reminder of what I'm physically capable of
  • On that note - one of us (me again) experienced the most physically taxing and draining year of my life. From near constant sickness, rapidly expanding ligaments, bruised ribs, an all-natural, painful and incredibly awesome life-giving experience, to sleepless nights and running on little more than fumes - I award myself a gold medal. They say that pregnancy and childbirth doesn't earn you any medals, but I just gave myself one, so....
  • One of us (Hi sweet Ellie, mama's talking about you now!) went from being a banana sized fetus, increasing her weight by a factor of 26 (!!!) and is now a full on, little person who is the absolute joy of our life. When I think about the cellular growth that is involved in going from around 13 ounces to almost 20 pounds, I am blown away. No wonder she sleeps all the time! (uh, except when she's supposed to be sleeping!).
  • We mastered the art of parenting Ellie from age zero to 7 1/2 months. Granted, the art of parenting Ellie from 7 1/2 months onward has yet to be explored....
  • The critters stayed exactly the same, except Janey who went outside and never came back (she's still alive, we report daily sightings of her, don't worry!), and Monty who lost some weight and reports slightly less energy.
  • We ate slightly less well (uh, mama has no time to cook) and drank far less alcohol but probably more caffeine
  • We experienced first hand how a baby brings a whole family together
  • We learned that it really does take a village, just like they say it does
  • We hosted Christmas! And, survived!
  • I learned that without a doubt, I picked the right partner to join me through life (awww....)
  • My theory that the universe is a pretty random thing was seriously challenged when I welcomed my daughter. No way in heck were we randomly put together. I've said it before, but I know without a doubt that she and I were simply meant to be. :)
As I reflect on 2011, it only makes sense to prepare to welcome 2012. Some of my family believes in The Secret (you know, you put out what you want and it will come back to you kind of idea). While I am not really on board with that whole notion, I figure it can't hurt - so here goes. My Wish List for 2012.
  • Without being too informative, I'd like to see a signifanct change in our life which would create new responsibilities for one of us (I hope the universe knows what I'm talking about)
  • More nights sleeping through the night than being up round the clock, please!
  • Continued health for our family, not just the three of us, but the greater fam as well
  • Employment for those that wish for it, however that might manifest
  • Perhaps year-end news that 2013 might bring a new addition?
  • An election which will bring leaders who encourage peace, recognize the importance of helping those that need our help and that ALL people share in the right of the pursuit of happiness and true love
  • Deep joy and peace, and mostly happy days (let's be realistic here, no one is happy all the time!)
Peace to you all!

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  1. Amen to all of the above! I don't know about "The Secret", but I agree that it never hurts to know what you want and to put it out there. You (and all 3 of you) have had an amazing year! May blessings of happiness and good fortune continue to rain down on you in abundance! Love you!