Thursday, May 3, 2012

on birth and such

I've been thinking a lot lately about birth. This shouldn't come as a surprise though, seeing as not only how I've spent my last two weekends in an intensive birth doula skills training workshop, but am coming up on the one year anniversary of the time I gave birth (aka, Eleanor's birthday). I've thought about her birth every single day since that day, May 16th of last year, but as we've headed into the month of May once again, I am consumed with thoughts of birth. To say that day was pivotal, or transformational, is an understatement at best. I'm sure for all mothers the day they become a mother - however that may be - has an equally monumental impact on their life. Knowing that, and knowing how many women in the world and throughout history have become mothers, it's amazing to fathom the depth of maternal instincts and love our world has experienced since it's own birth.

It seems obvious, but studies have found the day a woman gives birth is practically imprinted in her long term memory, as though at any moment she can rewind her life like a DVD and press play on that moment and relive it in crystal clarity.

My sister came for the birth of my girl last year on May 5th. The anniversary of that date is coming up quickly too. She stayed, thinking (as we all did!) that I was about to spontaneously combust at any moment, and slept for 11 nights on my couch. I think in the chaos of giving birth and all that surrounded the culmination of her stay on our couch I didn't properly recognize her own sacrifice and thank her - from the very bottom of my heart - for all she did for us during those 11 days. (not to mention putting up with my oh-so-cranky state of being...). So, thanks Big Sis, and we love you. I'm SO glad that the first face Eleanor saw besides her daddy and mama (and the doctor and myriad of random nurses and NICU specialists) was yours. Her auntie is forever imprinted in her life thanks to that (and I'm pretty sure vice versa).

I don't want to wax poetically too much today though. My last couple posts have been a bit more serious, and - it was pointed out - especially lacking in pictures of our El. :) Plus, she's slightly sickly and/or just teething, which means sleep around here has been minimal to say the least, so I really don't have the energy. So, here ya go, faithful readers... I give you photographic proof of the cuteness that's graced our house for the last several weeks. 
so happy peddling books in her pushcart!

Good Morning World!

Not sure what to caption, but this sure does capture her rapidly changing toddler mood....

Helping Grandma Jeanie with her walker

One of my favorite pictures ever. My tiny dancer...

bath. Nuff said

Happy girl, happy mama


through the iphone cover...

faceplant on kitty!


  1. Shoot! My comment didn't post last night =( What I said was....

    I love you guys too! I miss my dear little Eleanor, my darling perfect and very smart niece. Her birthday was life-changing for me too and I think about her almost daily. I've kept 2 pics on my phone for the last year from her *first* birthday and I am so excited to celebrate her second-first birthday in 10 days!


  2. How did the kitty take the faceplant?