Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our Birthday Girl

We welcomed the big ONE with open arms and happy hearts. I'd thought that this would be very bittersweet for me, and for the entire, well, year, I was dreading May 16, 2012. However, by the time her actual birthday came around, I found myself almost inexplicably happy, and realized a secret I'd never known about birthdays: it's really more for the parents than anyone else. A happy, joyous day to celebrate our offspring and how they came into the world. 

We were so happy all day long. We woke her up with balloons and a chorus of Happy Birthday, to which she exclaimed "bl-ooo!" (of course, that's Balloon in Ellie-speak). We had breakfast of french toast and bacon and enjoyed Peter delaying his departure for work by 45 minutes so we could soak in our happy morning. By 3pm, Ellie and I were waiting in front of Peter's office to pick him up, so we could high-tail it to the nearby park (with some super cool splash fountains to play in) and toast our party cups of champagne at exactly 3:38. We shared a cupcake and splashed in the fountain and probably had more fun as a family than we've ever had before. Seriously, it was idyllic. 

Then we braved traffic to go out to dinner at a certain bird-themed kid friendly burger joint (I had thought that it would be good to go somewhere where our little one-year old could throw her food and make as much noise as she wanted....silly me...). The place was packed, despite it being before 6 on a weeknight, so we quickly stuffed ourselves with bottomless fries and burgers with our family before calling it a night early (before the free birthday dessert. sigh.). 

All in all, a perfect day to celebrate our girl.

And, because one birthday celebration isn't enough, on Saturday we threw her another party, this time complete with close friends and more family. We kept it simple and small and had a great time with perfect weather. My only real request be that we have lots of balloons for our girl. Thanks to Kelli for taking so many great shots of our day - I will forever be grateful for them!

chocolate frosting covered toddler + white pants = dumb mama
All in all, it's true what everyone has been saying since the moment she's been born. It really does go so fast. :)

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