Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Second Year

At 3:38 this afternoon, Peter and I will hold hands and smile as we welcome the second year of Eleanor's life. We will smother her in kisses and sing Happy Birthday to her for the umpteenth time today, and marvel in awe at the little girl who is now ONE.

This year has been the most exhilarating, sweetest, rewarding, exhausting, challenging, cutest and incredible year of our life. From a 7 lb 7.7 oz sweet tiny baby, we now have a girl who laughs, runs, dances, talks and brings such joy to everyone she meets. She is most certainly the joy of our life.

Today, we will celebrate her in all the best ways we can think of. There will be balloons and sunshine, walks in the park, french toast and bacon, cupcakes and champagne, ice cream and more balloons, and of course - a never ending stream of hugs and kisses for our birthday girl.

Happy birthday Eleanor Carolyn. You are so, so loved by so many, and your daddy and I love you more than we thought humanly possible. Here's to a hundred more birthdays, a long happy and healthy lifetime, and never doubting for even one second that you can do anything, be anybody and go anywhere you imagine!


  1. Happy birthday to your sweet daughter and congrats on a beautiful first year!

  2. She's beautiful! Ahh, the first birthday is so bittersweet... Congratulations to you on a first year of motherhood!

  3. Ok this is a very cool blog kiddo. GREAT PICS! i really miss all of you, but her most of all!

  4. Happy birthday, my darling, sweet little girl! Your Daddy loves you more than he can say