Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Randoms

Without further delay (because I actually started - and by started, I mean gave this post a title - this post at the very beginning of the day), here's a random rundown of what's going on in my head.
  • I'm still pregnant. Yay! We were given a minor chance of delivering this week (although, I do wonder - if a doctor says you have a 1% chance of delivering due to a possible complication at 31 1/2 weeks, what are the chances of delivery at that stage anyway? I bet it's at least 1%, but likely much higher) and it proved to be nothing. In fact, I'm so pregnant that even my feet look pregnant. Boy, at the end of the day do I have little sausage toes... 
  • All three of our appointments went great this week, and we officially have no cause for concern on this little one's heart. Very happy to hear, and not really surprised at all. We truly felt like this was a case of technology being too far ahead of us, and we were right. Basically, when the problems were initially caught, it was almost certainly because the baby's heart was still in development and "learning" it's job. Both the perinatologist and pediatric cardiologist were pleasantly surprised, and I think they were both looking for scientific reasons to explain why there was such significant improvement. They both asked if I had either started or stopped taking any new medications (nope), or made any other changes (herbal supplements, etc). I honestly told them that the only change was that I've started indulging myself with a small glass of wine with dinner recently (ie, I've had three beverages over the last two weeks) and they both said, "well, keep it up!" DONE. Also? I celebrated with half a mojito with my fajitas that night, and it was so, so good. :)
  • We've turned the corner on bedtime for Ellie this week and I am officially no longer rocking her to sleep. She's been successful every day, no tears at all, just happy chatter until she falls asleep. It's pretty hilarious to listen to her talking to her stuffed animals and wondering what she's saying. 
  • She is SUCH a funny toddler - feels her emotions deeply. When she's upset, she's very, very upset, and then minutes later she's joyfully exuberant and full of happiness. I've heard this is very normal, and it's such a trip to watch her fluctuate between these extremes. At least we know when she's in the throes of her sorrow, she'll be happy again in three seconds.
  • My husband is finding tons of projects to do around the house, and it's awesome. Some of our friends recently moved and the buyer of their old house was/is planning on demo-ing the whole home. So, we snagged some great items out of their old home, either intended for our current or future place. We got a new bathroom mirror, and we decided today to go ahead and do the removal of our old one. Turns out, the old mirror was both very large and very solid - it wouldn't even crack when he smacked the thing over and over again with a hammer. Eventually, he got the thing down, along with our old light fixture and after a quick trip to Home Depot for paint and a new fixture, he's happily painting the bathroom while I sit here with my feet up. Super excited to see our old, 1986 crappy powder room turn into something a little more modern. (verdict? He says it may be too girly. I think I like it. I need my sister to decide if we've done a good or bad job. Good thing she's coming up this week!)
  • Part of nesting for me means wanting my family close to me all the time. I think there's just something primal about a woman nearing the end of a pregnancy to want to have her loved ones close (maybe evolutionarily speaking it's about the need for safety?). 
  • I made a pineapple upside down cake on a whim last night, had a small amount, and am now wishing it was a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Oh, the indecision of a pregnant lady
  • 32 weeks tomorrow and managed to barely make it to the bathroom before projectile vomiting my breakfast everywhere. Love the third trimester nausea! (Did you know that some women don't get any morning sickness at ALL?? And some women's goes away after the first trimester? I don't believe it...)
  • Pictures from the week:
Sweet friends having a snack. 
31 1/2 weeks
Hey, baby!
Beautiful afternoon at the park. Believe it or not, it was snowing when we woke up...

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  1. I'm so happy to hear that your baby's heart is healthy!!! I can't wait to meet your baby and see Ellie when you're feeling up for it.