Friday, March 1, 2013


I've been a super blog slacker lately. Scratch that - a life slacker in general. Man, I'm really, REALLY getting used to having a second set of hands around lately. Makes it a whole lot easier to give in to my ultimate daily goals: sit as much as possible.

To be fair, the sitting seems to be as much a necessity as it is a luxury right now. Also to be fair: I'm growing a person. Standing for too long leaves me with swollen, throbbing feet, which are guaranteed to not only keep me up that night, but ache all day the next day, as well as a myriad of fun Braxton-Hicks contractions and pulsing varicose veins. Man, is pregnancy HOT. This one is definitely rougher on my body than the last - I think having a 30lb toddler to lift and lug around is aiding in that. I've started limiting picking her up, which is  sad for me. When I start to get sad about that, my brain starts to go rapidly to a more depressed state, in which I cannot control my thoughts of "oh my god, what have we DONE? how will we have a second baby?!" and feeling sorry for sweet little Ellie, whose life is about to be radically upheaved with no warning to her, and what if it makes her feel neglected or left behind? I try to quickly remind myself that more babies = more love and a sibling relationship is probably the best thing ever (for most sets of siblings), but... it's hard when my thoughts force me to confront these kind of fears. Normal, I know, but still unpleasant.

I'll be 29 weeks this weekend, which means around 11 left to go. We've talked to our midwife about the likelihood of a super quick delivery, which does slightly scare me, but mostly is a comfort. When it comes to labor & delivery, fast is nice. Who wants to be in labor for 66 hours? ;) (dig at my bff, who endured this torture of prodromal labor, followed by eventual progression, fetal distress, and emergency section. Yeah, I'd avoid that if I can, for sure!). I broke down and purchased my first "major" baby purchase - an Ergo Baby Carrier - yesterday, but justified it because the thing was on sale at Target (defective box, FTW!) for 35% off. YES. Still pricey, but I hear they're the best, and I plan to try to avoid buying a double stroller for a while and instead wear this baby as much as possible.

Really, not much going on these days, hence the radio silence over here. It's been a good month though, and I can't believe it's already March.

Off to eat some birthday cake. Nope, nobody's birthday, but.... what can I say? I'm gestating.


  1. Well at least the 40 weeks prior to those 66 hours were relatively easy. Oh wait, I forgot about waking up choking on my reflux, having to sleep upright, all the nausea, leg cramps. Yeah, pregnancy sucks, but how easily we forget once it's over. Hoping these last 11 weeks go fast!

  2. Birthday cake is my favorite, any time of the year. Also, I bought an Ergo this time and LOVED it. I worked out with Jamie on my front for the first five months of his life, and he still gets put in it when we go somewhere crowded and I need my hands. I eventually got a double-jogger when he was, oh, almost a year, I think. Put off big purchases if you can, I say! Did you get the infant insert for the Ergo?

    1. YES to the putting off of big purchases. So far, all we've purchased is the Ergo and a couple new gender neutral newborn outfits. I figure we'll swing by Target on the way home from the hospital for some newborn diapers (only kinda kidding!). Re: insert - actually Monica very generously offered to send me her old one, so we should be set! Can't wait to try it out!