Tuesday, July 30, 2013

C25K Take 1

Remember how I wanted to run a 5K? Remember how I was so committed to the idea that I actually went out and purchased a sports bra that actually fits (this is a big deal! Involves lots of research and paying lots of money - they don't come cheap in my size!). Remember how it felt to get out of the house all by myself, "jogging" (using that term very generously, more like "feet shuffling") and walking at timed intervals within a set 30 minute timeframe, rocking out to Macklemore and Beyonce and P!nk as I went? (No, you wouldn't remember, because that memory belongs to just me).


You guys - I thought I'd fail because I'd wimp out and it would get too hard. Or, I'd just be too lazy to get off my rear end and actually work out. I didn't think I'd fail because I'd suffer some sort of knee injury from unknown source.

It could be that the two workouts were too much for my body. It could be. But, I kinda doubt it because they weren't hard workouts at all - thirty minutes of time, including a 5 minute walking warm up and down, and 90 seconds of walking followed by a light 60 second jog is not exactly strenuous. I honestly think that Ellie did it to me. I know, blaming a 2 year old for my workout failures isn't very cool of me as her mom, but there's this game she likes to play, where she sits on my feet when I'm sitting down and I raise my legs up and down and give her little rides. She's 30 pounds, and maybe that's just too much for my old lady knees. (After all, I'm almost 30!).

Needless to say (kneedless to say! ha!), I've got a situation going on where I can hardly walk, can't bend my knee and have a terrible time lifting my leg off the ground at all. Very painful. Ice and Advil and compression helps, but when they wear off, it's obvious that it's getting worse. I'm going to the doctor today. Pretty positive I'll either hear "Rest, Compression, Ice and Ibu" or "let's do an MRI or XRay for further diagnostic testing" (after which I'll just hear "rest, compression, ice and ibu"). I'm going anyway because after a week of hobbling and the pain getting worse, it just seems like the right call.

Hoping there will be a C25K Take 2, but for now, I'm watching The West Wing episodes with my sick baby  boy during naptime because I can't do much/anything else around the house. And eating brownies. Because, duh.

He's snoring now that he's asleep. He's sad because his sister gave him the sniffles, but he's oh, so sweet.

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  1. My dear, you just had a baby! All that relaxin is still in your body, keeping you loosey-goosey and will do so for awhile. Give yourself a break and talk with someone certified in post-natal fitness. You WILL do that 5k, of that I am sure, but it just might not be super soon. I hope your knee gets loads better quickly, but just know that I hardly did any jogging before Jamie was 4 months old and I ran a ridiculously SLOW 5k when he was 6 months old and felt like my hips were going to disintegrate for a week afterward. Chin up, and let me know if you want a post-natal fitness contact; I have a few.