Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Randoms

Jumping right in to Friday Randoms, shall we?
  • I spent most of the day thinking it was Saturday. That's what happens when we're both home right now - the days melt together and it's really quite wonderful. Sadly, (or, happily!) this arrangement isn't going to last much longer, so pretty soon I'll start knowing the days of the weeks again.
  • The Fourth of July has come and go. In our family, this is a pretty big holiday (at least in how we celebrate). I've mentioned before that my parents have a big blowout bash - they throw open the doors and upwards of a hundred or more friends and neighbors come through (or stay a while!) to celebrate. There is plenty of food, festive decorations, alcoholic drinks flowing freely, badminton for the kids, lots of friends and even live music. We (they) live on a lake, so when it's nice, you'll see people out and about on their boats, and usually at least one or two neighborhood houses do a pretty spectacular fireworks show. And this year, they roasted an entire pig. The whole darn thing. But - the thing is, and I'll be honest here - it's just not when you have small kids to tend to. Sure, it's absolutely wonderful to see your kids having a blast (and Ellie dancing, all on her own accord, to live music? So, so sweet!), but I literally spent the afternoon/evening tag-teaming with my husband who handles which baby. The house is on a lake, and Ellie cannot be left unsupervised in that kind of environment. So this year was very limited on the small talk and festivities for me, in lieu of baby wrangling. Sweet, yes, but a raging fun time? Not so much. Plus, we leave before dark, so no fireworks for us while the babes are still little.

Go ahead and help yourself, Ellie!
  • And they are still little. But, Dash is getting huge, and Ellie is morphing into a big kid - more and more every day. Her latest "big kid" trick? She essentially potty trained herself, for real. With the exception of three errant poops we found on the dog & rug this afternoon (yeah, she pooped on the dog. And then it rolled to the rug. It was awesome, and hilarious to boot), she's been doing awesome. Dry diapers/undies all day the last couple days, as the promise of TWO WHOLE SKITTLES is just too much for her to pass up.
See? Huge!
  • I'm obsessed with Rice Krispy Treats right now. Can't get enough. You'd think I was pregnant at the rate I'm craving them, but nope. Just breastfeeding and hungry.
Even made some festive ones!
  • Has anyone else had shingles? Just me? I got them 7 years ago, and after the initial rash went away, I was left with permanent nerve damage where the rash used to be. It's in the upper quadrant, above the bra line, on the left side of my back, and it's basically a big numb spot. Sometimes it tingles (like when your foot falls asleep) and sometimes it aches a little bit. When I'm sick it tends to get worse - number (if that's possible), larger (probably not, but it feels bigger) and more tingly. It's been ridiculously bothersome lately - omnipresent and very annoying and a bit painful - and I'm chalking this up to postpartum stress and hormones. Nerve damage is permanent, so YAY me!
  • I'm walking a lot lately. Trying to take daily walks with the stroller, in hopes of fitting into more clothes sooner rather than later. I know I've got a long time to really tackle the extra weight, but I just want to wear the clothes I have instead of buying more. Just keep walking... 
Happy Friday Night!
She climbed a tree!

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  1. We took Charles to two fireworks shows this year, and he fell asleep during the first. Jamie got to go to one show, and he was mostly scared and burying his head in my shoulder until I told him, "All done!" and he turned to me and said, "No! More!" Silly kid. The time will come, very soon, when you are instructing Ellie in writing her name with a sparkler :-)