Thursday, July 11, 2013


I don't post a lot of recapping types of posts. I tend to think that nobody likes to read them, but then I remember that that isn't really true. Plus, without telling you all what we've been up to, you might think we've been up to nothing. And while some mornings or afternoons that is definitely true, we've actually been having a super fun and busy summer. So, let's recap the last 6ish weeks, shall we?
  • Family came to visit! We hosted my brother-in-law for about 20 hours or so, and my mother-in-law came to town for several days. Both visits were a blast, and both were way too short and left us wanting more time with the family we don't get to see regularly.

  • We've practiced being spontaneous and gone on lots of outings. The zoo was a favorite, by far. 
  • Ellie's vocabulary has exploded and Dash has learned to smile. Both big accomplishments.
not smiling, still cute!
  • We've done lots of relationship building with our kids. Peter's been home which means we've spent literally countless hours doing kid related things around the house, which - while seemingly insignificant and a little mindnumbing at times to us - has highlighted the sweetness of Ellie's eagerness to learn and desire to be with us. Lots and lots of building blocks, countless hours of Finding Nemo, Toy Story and Cars, reading books over and over again, going for walks, going to the park, painting, playing with playdough, etc. 
    block village
    Ellie needed the hangy-toy thing from the bouncy chair attached to her rocking chair. Weirdo!
    shaving cream + food coloring = huge mess + lots of fun
    park time!
    cheesy kid!
  • Ellie's gone swimming a ton, played in the mud, played with "her" new puppy, eaten way too much ice cream, etc. Dash has chilled poolside, nursed himself into size 12 month clothing and spends most of his hours snoozing, preferably on my chest. 
    ah, sweet bliss!
    Don't be deceived: she'd just come out of two rounds of bathing to remove all the mud...
    my boy. in his signature pink!


  1. Adorable pictures! I love the picture of you with Dash in pink stripes. You look great.