Saturday, January 5, 2013

Halfway down

Crossing the 21 week mark today, and feeling... blah. Where is this mysterious "second trimester energy boost" that they say you will be getting? Didn't get it last time, and certainly haven't seen it yet this time. I *think* those energy boosts are reserved for the cute little preggos with the tiny little bumps who glow from the moment that special little stick tells them they are going to be mommies. Unfortunately for me, and for my husband, I am not one of those special ladies. :) I can surely count on two hands the number of times I have not crashed out for a nap in the last four months. And glowing for me is the sweat the vomiting leaves behind (still once a week or so...)

So, where are we? I know I gripe about being so chubby, but in reality I waver between totally embracing it, and yes, resenting the bigness. Obviously, things will get bigger before they get any smaller, and there's certainly a good chance that I will not be doing this again, so I may as well love it. To be totally cheesy, there is something pretty special about being pregnant over the holidays, especially when Nat King Cole sings "round yon virgin, mother and child." (Yeah, I know all these words don't exactly apply to me, but still... I feel a kinship with Mother Mary, being pregnant at the holidays).

We had our 20 week ultrasound, and one of my dearest friends came with me in lieu of my husband, which was pretty fun. We did NOT see the babe's gender (phew!), but did get to see everything else - and let me just say, this kid is very cute. We also saw a low placenta (no previa though, thankfully) which is anterior (that's to say, between the baby and my stomach wall) which is what I suspected, based on the lack of frequency of feeling movement. We also saw that the baby is currently breech, and there is as small heart flow issue (Trivial Tricuspid Regurgitation), which basically means that the triscuspid valve lets a little bit of blood back into the chamber it came from, instead of being a one-way passage only. The doctor didn't seem too concerned with this, and said we'd follow up with it at 30 weeks and then determine if any further steps need to be taken. Based on her apparent lack of significant reaction, I'm not really concerned either. I'm honestly more concerned that this baby stays breech, which I KNOW isn't really a concern until much later along. Still though...
Other than that, we're swimming. My dreams are getting pretty bizarre. Last night I dreamed I was naked in a church, all my former boyfriends were there, along with a plastic surgeon who was offering free surgeries. I told him all I wanted was my varicose veins removed, and he says, "you sure you don't want liposuction while I'm at it?" Thanks, dude. Thanks, subconscious. Also in my dream was Strawberry Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast and Kung Pao Chicken and when I woke up, I couldn't decide which I wanted more. I think there's a chance both will be seen this weekend on the table. :) My hips & backs ache, second trimester headaches are upon us, as well as some fun thumping and kicking from the inside. I can't seem to live without a daily grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, and lately have really wanted peanut butter on everything. Okay then.

Next post will have an Ellie update. She's so awesome and fun right now, as well as being a bit of a handful. :) Kiddo is almost 20 months old, is starting to be potty trained, is affectionate and smart and helpful and I just love her so much it hurts.

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  1. Cutest bump ever! And I'm glad that the appointment did not show much to be concerned about... hopefully the 30 week ultrasound will relieve any further concerns!