Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Random thoughts

And now, for an assortment of random thoughts by yours truly.
  • I'm almost ashamed, but not really, to admit that yesterday at the grocery store I purchased: TWO cases of chocolate and vanilla swirl pudding packs (for the record, the last time I even ate a pudding pack I was like, 7. And no, they weren't buy one-get one. I just needed two), chocolate chip granola bars, chocolate covered graham cracker cookies (and ate a third of the box), angel food cake mix, and cool whip. The good news is that I resisted chocolate donuts. And now I want a chocolate donut... (interesting fact? Until I delivered Eleanor, I was never a "crave chocolate" kinda gal. I figured that part of the female DNA bypassed me. Apparently, birthin' a babe was all it took for that switch to get turned on). 
  • My child has been eating like a cow lately. I think she's been inspired watching her mama go to town. Two nights ago she downed two rather large plates of chicken curry, black olives & rice. Last night it was Ricotta, Spinach and Chicken stuffed Manicotti, more rice, and helped herself to several (yes, three) slices of fresh french bread. Growing much, baby?
  • If she hears the word "shower" she bolts to the bathroom, removing her clothing as she goes. Doesn't matter if she was invited to join along in the bathing, she's diving in. 
  • Ellie wants to be potty trained. I just know it. But, I really, really don't want to deal with having a potty-trained toddler while we're out and about. How horrible is that? The thought of packing up a potty along with spare clothing, always asking if she needs to go, or rushing to find the nearest public toilet sends me heading to the figurative diaper aisle (we get ours from Amazon) and stocking up. Also? She's now in size 6, which I'm pretty sure is the last size they make. Looks like I might not have a choice in the matter.
  • Even though I can see 30 on the horizon, my mama still spoils me. She took it upon herself to hire me a once-monthly housecleaner for a little while. Honestly, this is one of the nicest gifts I've ever received. Coming home to the cleanest house I've ever come home to this week was mindblowingly incredible. Maybe some people would think that having your mom pay for house cleaning would be an insult to the way they keep their home, but all I could think of was "THANK YOU! YES PLEASE!"
  • Something about having a clean house has triggered a nesting I never really had the first time around. We've got about 15 weeks left now and I'm making all sorts of lists about what I need to have done by the time the baby arrives. Poor husband... The "kids room" as we call it is currently functional for two babies, and just needs some tweaking to make it more effective & efficient. I don't care too much about decorative details, and in a pretty small house, the number one thing is organization and efficiency. I've got a small handful of gender neutral outfits, loads of onesies and receiving blankets, nursing tops and bras in all sizes, and all we need are some diapers. And to keep the house clean. And some names picked out.
  • I'm hungry. again. As always.


  1. I really really love this post! It makes me want to go do a RANDOM THOUGHTS post. You've only got 15 weeks to go! WOOO so exciting! :) FYI, we never bought a traveling potty for Chace. See how Ellie does without one? Not to say he's the best potty trained kid ever. We still don't have #2 down 100%, but he's never had an accident in the car... Oh Lord, now that I wrote that I'm afraid for my life.

  2. Ditto the wanting to do a random thoughts post now!

    Also, they make chocolate covered graham crackers? I WANT SOME RIGHT NOW.