Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Let's Just Stay Positive

I feel like I've been complaining a bit too much lately on this ol' blog. Or, maybe it hasn't been completely transpiring to the blog, but there's definitely been a lot of negativity in my head, swirling around. I've gotta work on changing that, so while I do, I thought I'd jot down some things I DO like about being pregnant (lest anyone think I'm ungrateful!) and things I'm looking forward to.

Here goes:

  • Mac N Cheese. Yeah, I make no excuses here. I'm a carbs & cheese addict, and let that habit take center stage while gestating. 
  • Never being alone. I like having a permanent little buddy with me at all times. After El was born, I missed having the pseudo-company with me at all times. I could talk to her and she'd nudge me back. She's still my sidekick, but it isn't the same
  • Kicks. Speaking of sidekicks, there is just nothing like it. No matter how much pregnancy and I don't get along, I will never, ever get tired of feeling my baby move inside me.
  • Camaraderie. Other mama's and mama's-to-be look at you knowingly and smile. It's almost like they're wishing me luck or something...
  • Driving in the HOV lane defiantly by myself. Okay, I've only done this a couple of times, and always on on or off ramps, but still... if I was to get pulled over and challenged, I've got some right-wing rhetoric ready about how my fetus is a person too, and therefore, we are a high occupancy vehicle. 
  • My belly. I wish it didn't make me quite so uncomfortable, and quite so difficult to bend over, but I LOVE it. I love that it's big, and out there, and it showed up around 6 weeks so I didn't even have to wait to "look pregnant."
  • Foot rubs. My husband rubs my feet (with lotion!) when I ask for it. This is a pregnant only treat in our house, and I'll take it!
  • Guiltless, apology-free living. I absolutely refuse to apologize, or feel guilty for, living in a way which would have previously been a lot less acceptable. I take naps almost daily. My house is nowhere near as clean as I'd like it to be. Heck, I'm nowhere near as clean as I'd like to be most days. Meals aren't always balanced, or even homemade, and my child watches a LOT of TV these days. And, I'm pretty fat and I don't get much exercise. Despite all this, I won't apologize. I'm doing the best I can do, given the hand of cards I've been dealt, and given the fact that no one else knows what it's like to be me right now. Am I getting tired of living like this? Yep! I'm totally ready for live to get back to normal, and to live up to my own non-pregnant standards. But, this is the way it is for now, and I'm just fine with that. More-so, I'm proud of what I'm accomplishing. Doing my best & growing a human.
I'm sure there's a lot more. In the meantime, I'll remember these key 8 things and smile. 

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