Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Year Ago

Just over a year ago, I wrote this post on greeting 2012 with a request list for the new year, ala "The Secret."  Funny, I didn't believe in The Secret then, and still don't, but when I look back on the list, every item has come true. I attribute this to either coincidence or good luck, but in the spirit of not messing with what's worked in the past, I've decided I should take the same approach for 2013.

For fun though, here's what I hoped for out of 2012, and how it came true:

  • "significant change in our life which would create new responsibilities for one of us" - I was talking about leaving my job and staying home with Eleanor. Didn't want to be too specific (probably not the best idea to say on the internet that you are totally mentally done with work and don't want to it anymore!), but obviously, this came true! I believe March 9th was my last day at work, closing that chapter. I've been so thankful for the opportunity to stay home this year, despite how scary it can be to give up a paycheck and career trajectory. 
  • "more nights sleeping through the night than being up" - Check! Thanks to Ellie for learning how to sleep all night, most nights.
  • "continued health for our family" - while one of us had a couple bouts of kidney stones, I more or less discount this. It came with a decent sized hospital bill, but thankfully was not at all life threatening. (sounded pretty darn painful though!) Check! 
  • "Employment for those that wish for it" - This was for a specific person in my life, and I'm so relieved and happy to see this one come true. Check! Thanks, universe!
  • "news that 2013 might bring a new addition" - It's 2013, and yep, looks like we'll be adding to our family this year. Check! 
  • "An election which will bring leaders who encourage peace...." - No shame here, I was asking for President Obama to be reelected. Check! :)
  • "Deep joy & peace, and mostly happy days" - Not gonna lie and sugarcoat it, but there were some extraordinary stressful things going on this year which I specifically didn't blog about. Some days we were discouraged and depressed, not to mention incredibly stressed out. The one scenario which is keeping us from feeling completely settled is still in limbo, so that's kinda scary. BUT, at the end of the day & end of the year, we have our family, we have our health, a roof over our heads & a great support network, and mostly, a beautiful girl who brings smiles to our faces daily. I'll call this one a win. :)
So, for next year? My list is pretty simple:
  • An uncomplicated delivery which results in a happy, healthy baby and happy, healthy mama
  • A *relatively* smooth transition to becoming a family of four
  • Continued employment for those that want it
  • No major health crises for anyone in the family
  • A year of financial building
  • Mostly happy, peaceful days. :)
Okay, 2013. Bring it.

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