Thursday, February 11, 2010

i'm in love!

In honor of the rapidly approaching holiday Valentine's Day (which I happen to loathe), here is something that I have recently fallen head over heels in love with:

Seriously. This stuff is AMAZING!

Petesie and I love Indian food, and despite my best efforts, I can't seem to make dishes quite the way they taste in restaurants. I've heard to add yogurt as a secret ingredient, or tumeric, but it never quite turns out.

My good friend (who is Indian) visited a year or so ago and brought with her a couple of curry pastes for me to try. This one was in my pantry until a week ago, when I decided to give it a while. I know that using a paste (and no spices-combos of my own) is considered "semi-homemade" so I can't take credit for hardly any of it, but the finished dish did come from my kitchen, and this stuff tastes amazing. Like, this could pass for restaurant quality.

So good, that I tracked the packets down online (who knew? you can buy it at!) and spent $30 on 12 more packets of this pure gold paste. Delicious!!

Tonight, I made it again, and served it over basmati rice (which I toasted first, tossed in tumeric and then threw in some frozen peas at the very end for a little extra veggies and a pop of color) with slivered, toasted almonds on top. I also placed a dollop of plain yogurt to the side of the dish, and it was SO good. (Don't worry, mom, we had salad also!).

I highly recommend. Even though I can't consider my meal tonight "home cooked," Petesie was SO pleased with my final product. :)


  1. Make no mistake, I love my Sweetie's cooking and last night's dinner was all her doing. It was scrumpdili-icious!!

  2. Good tip.
    MOS (Mother of Sweetie)

  3. Good tip...(curry). I'm it will be followed NOT with a "you should get some and try it" but rather an "I'm making that awesome curry again tonight...why don't we come on over and eat together?" I'll trade you some of my cherry-smoked pepperoni...?deal?