Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Sweetie and Petesie Go For A Walk

We decided to get a bit of exercise today as we are the type of people who value physical fitness and high levels of activity.

(okay, did anyone actually believe me just now?)

HA. Just kidding. We somehow got motivated to take a break from our Usual Sunday of Lethargy this afternoon. I think it was the promise of sun peaking out from behind the clouds. Yep, it's the last day of February and the promise of Spring is unseasonally upon us early this year. The cherry blossoms are pink and walk by a rhodedendron bush and it's already blooming. At one point we stopped to smell some flowers (because we're the type of people who actually do stop to smell flowers. It's a good excuse for a break from all the activity) and could hear the bees buzzing, just doin' their pollination thing. Yep, we may actually have a spring this year in the Good Old Pacific Northwest. I am quite happy about this. Obviously:

We stayed out for about an hour and a half, and then made a quick run to Costco to check out their laminate flooring on sale. I can't believe I actually just wrote that. Here I am, becoming a grown-up more and more as the days pass.

When we got home, we both passed out from all the crazy physical exertion the afternoon took on us. :) What's on for tonight? Olympic closing ceremony, of course. I promised Peter that after tonight I won't make him watch the Olympics for two more years, and he happily agreed. He's getting a bit tired of Bob Costas constantly on in the background. It's a bit much, really.


  1. Petesie in the first photo looks like he's saying, "no, you shut up"

  2. did anyone see the pink flower perched on the picnic table in front of Sweetie? yeah, that's right, courtesy of me.


  3. I sorta miss the Olympics already...

  4. Please don't shut down Sessions!! Where we will go for our regular does of wit, charm and stylish home-making tips?!

  5. I'm so excited I find your blog, Julia!!! It's super cute and I love your pictures! Check out mine too: