Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's happening...

I'm turning into my mother.

The good news is, if I had to turn into anyone else on the planet, I'd want it to be her. She's smart, fun, generous, a great cook, loves her people, pretty and is in WAY better shape than I am. Go mommy!

The bad news is, I'm only 26.

Seriously though. I find sometimes I glance in the mirror and see her really briefly (sometimes I see my big sissy, sometimes I even see my dad...). I look at my hands and see hers (I do love her hands though). I open my mouth and not only her words come out, but her voice comes out too (which isn't a bad thing except when I try to sing. You do not want to hear either of our voices try to sing - not pretty).

Today though, was a new one. I took the dog for a walk (this isn't so new) but then when I came home I noticed the neighbors hydrangea bush is in full bloom with bright periwinkle bursts of flowers. What did I do? I went inside, grabbed my shears and quickly, while no one was looking, snipped off five or six branches.

Exhibit A: My "borrowed" (okay, stolen) flowers:

Aren't they pretty?

Well done, mumsy. You've raised a botanist-wannabe kleptomanic, taking right after you. (seriously - I've seen her pull over to the side of the road for a good wildflower before!)

Something my mommy doesn't do however, is take pictures of her kitties. In that regard, I'm growing up just like big sissy (who famously dresses up her kitties for their annual Christmas card. One year it was Mary and Joseph with a stuffed baby Jesus.....)

So I leave you with a reminder that I not entirely becomming my mother:

Edited to add:
Oh crap. I just now took another step in the mom direction without even realizing it. Doggie was driving me crazy panting so I walked him outside to the front porch to leash him up so he could cool down... problem was - I'm not really wearing pants. Underpants, yes, pants no. Score one more for being my mother's daughter. My poor neighbors.


  1. You are adorable! I'm sure your underpants are super cute with polka dots or super heros!

  2. Carol would be a great person to turn into!

  3. Thank you Kelli -- though not sure my petty thievery is something to be proud of. He he he. TIP: When stealing other people's flowers always snip from the back of the bush so as not to arouse suspicion.

    I love you, daughter!