Monday, July 5, 2010

Old Glory!

July 4th has really done a number around here. I swear, for the level of lethargy, you'd think we'd have been waaay tispier than we actually were last night. My mom tells me that even the kids are acting hungover today. Petesie blames the high voltage rock and the gun-powder... I agree. :)

(Lil' Sissy. You wouldn't believe I took her shopping for real makeup last weekend, and this weekend she went and smeared blue all over her face... showing her pride for the good ol U S of A!)

We had SUCH a fun day yesterday. The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday, and yesterday reminded me why. In my mom's neighborhood, the festivities start bright and early with a fishing derby for all the kids, followed by vintage community activities like hot dog roasting, three legged races and cotton candy.

 My parents then have a great big party at their house afterwards for all their friends and neighbors. The house is always perfect - my mom's Martha Stewart meets Americana tastes mean every detail is just right, her yard is an inspiration, the food is abundant and the beer is flowing. And the tequila flows as well, if you know where to look (thanks Jani!!). :) The best part of the night is our great friend Ricardo and his one-man band, which tends to bring the neighbors in from around the hedges and forces us to dance until we can't feel our feet anymore. I am literally sore today from my head to my toes.

Here I am both enjoying cotton candy like a little kid, and beer like a grown up. Love it!
This year the weather wasn't cooperating, and mere minutes after the band's complicated set up (outside of course) of all Ricardo's electronics, instruments, etc.. it started to rain. Just light drizzles, but enough to get a little worried about what to do (you'd think we would have a Plan B in place. Nope!). Needless to say, all the men got very excited at the thought of having to erect a faux-roof made out of bungee cords and tarps, and basically saved the day.

(If you look closely at the top of this tree, you'll see what Petesie thought was an Owl. Nope, that's no owl, that's a Bald Eagle, celebratin independance with the rest of us!)

I'm waiting on my mom to send me pictures off her camera, BUT as I fixed the video player, you can all enjoy some of our shenanigans below. :)

Ricardo's Rocking Star Spangled Banner - a highlight of the night

There was lots of this going on all night:

Lastly, we thanked America for declaring freedom some 334 years ago or so, so we could party on down today!


  1. highlight of the Fourth: Ricardo's version of Hendrix's version of Francis Scott Key's song. made me wanna salute...