Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Petesie was on vacation last week and I joined him on Friday for a long weekend. (Sad, when the only vacation you get for six months is a three day weekend, but it's better than nothing!).

After a quick visit to the eye doctor and dropping some serious cash on some brand spankin' new glasses for Petesie (who does look verrrry handsome in glasses.... ohlala!), we packed up our stuff and loaded the car with the doggie and headed up to the lake ("the lake" for those who don't know is where I grew up - gorgeous, private, small and peaceful, pefect for a weekened getaway). My parents were out of town and graciously left us their house to use... and their dog to watch... which we did with pleasure.

Me, expressing my vacation happy state of mind:

P and I love vacations at the lake, and we really are getting quite good at the whole "staying on our bums and do nothing" kind of lifestyle. Scary good actually...

Friday night we enjoyed pasta with bacon and a creamy gorgonzola sauce for dinner along with some delicious sparkling pinot grigio which I could drink like juice if only I didn't get such nasty hangovers in the morning. We took the doggies for a walk (I started to panic when we were about a half mile away and realized that the family dog Milo is getting a bad hip, and what if walking him for such a distance would result in an immobile and in pain doggie the next day? P humored my paranoia and took Milo and I home, where we rested) and finished the second season of Man Men (I am in love with Don Draper. He has bumped George Clooney off the top of my short-list)..

Saturday morning we ate bacon, potato and egg hash and watched Monty accidentally almost charge a kid of a friend of our parents who had been invited to come by and fish in the early morning. We forgot there were visitors and let Monty out and he took off running after poor little two foot tall Henry. Good thing Petesie ran after the dog in his boxers and introduced himself to the whole world in his "just got out of bed" look. Hot stuff. :)

Saturday afternoon we spent the day reading (both), painting toenails (Sweetie), napping (Petesie), sunbathing (Sweetie), reading more (Petesie) and taking a quick trip to civilization to get ingredients for dinner (both).

We've been talking about making lettuce wraps lately and had dreamed up a dish together - blackened fish, pico de gallo, and avocado served in a nice crisp lettuce wrap. So, we got some snapper and made a faux-cajun rub, grilled it up and made a mango-jalepeno-avocado pico de gallo to top it in a sheet of iceberg lettuce. I made some black beans and chopped up a watermelon and we were set for a delicious, romantic meal. Unfortunately, it was not all we hoped it would be, as the lettuce was still dripping wet, and the mango topping just made a mess. The flavor was good though.
Petesie set up a romantic picnic for dinner:
We ended the night with Will Ferrell and Talladega Nights and a little more wine.

A little tableau in the garden.... We pay our respect to our favorite Mariners. And Hello Kitty:
Apparently, my mom just likes to set up shrines to those she loves. Rocks engraved with the names of all three girls:
All in all, it really was a great relaxing weekend. We came home to two kitties who missed us and a dirty house (which we've since cleaned) and a new appreciation for parents who handle human children - these two big dogs totally wore us out!


  1. Don't you just feel like you've visited Happyland when you've read a post on Sessions? I know I do.

  2. I love Crystal Lake! You guys are too cute, and I want to eat all the food you ate!