Friday, July 9, 2010

Lesson I Learned Yesterday....

....Don't take your shoes off at work.

You might be reading this and think, "um, duh!" - but here's the situation. I was in a meeting (at this point you are thinking... "what was she thinking?!") and we had about six people in a conference room on a big, hour and a half long call with our customer. The conference room has a big huge window (overlooking the entire Seattle skyline - hard to pay attention in there!) and it was HOT yesterday. 95 degrees! Plus, I was wearing pumps.

So, under the big table I slipped off my shoes so I could wiggle my toes freely. Under the table, so no one would notice.

And then a little while passed and I decided to put them back on. I found one shoe without looking and slipped my foot into it. I then started feeling around for the other shoe with my other foot and couldn't feel it. So I peeked down. Nothing. Scooted my chair back and peeked again. Still nothing. Started trying to inconspicuously search a little harder. Still nothing. At this point, people around me started to giggle, but I couldn't figure out why. Maybe someone said something funny and I missed it due to my search for my missing heel. I leaned over and whispered to the gal next to me, "Um, I can't find my shoe!" and she burst out laughing and so did the rest of the table, and as I glanced around table, I figured out why.

My shoe was on the table, right smack in the middle.

And it had been for like 20 minutes. They all knew, and the whole time were wondering when I'd realize it.

Needless to say, I just about died. And vowed to keep my shoes on.

On a side note - it's lovely and HOT out finally. Yay for Summer sun! Last night Petesie and I went out to the lake and went for a lovely swim after work and I can't wait to get back there tonight. Love it!

On another side note - I am intrigued by this recipe - Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese. I think I'll make it soon.

Lastly - I am also sort of intrigued by this whole US Spy/Russian Spy exchange. If I had a lot of money, I might buy the rights to it and make it a movie. No worries, if I can't, I am sure someone else will.

Happy Friday!


  1. there are Sweetie shoes lying around the house all the time -- why didn't I think of that?!

  2. Rusty and I made Butternut squash Mac and Cheese last fall and it was DELICIOUS! I even blogged about it!

    The font got all funny from cut and pasting from the Rachel Ray site, but the main point is we loved the recipe!!!

  3. That is so darn funny. Your co-workers treat you just like your family does.

  4. I'd love to make that recipe with you, I miss you Min!