Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ahhh, Serenity...

Today was a very good day. I love Sundays - the only thing that would make a Sunday better is if Monday didn't follow on its heels... (although, that might be what makes Sunday so great - the sense of urgency to pack in every last detail before the week starts fresh). When I was in junior high I remember I used to take a long bath on Sunday night and watch tv all by myself in the basement. It was glorious. Then, I got older (as we all must do) and Sundays turned in to a chance to keep the socializing of the weekend alive. Now, as I'm even OLDER Sundays are for making long, lengthy, delectable meals to share with our loved ones. If we're lucky, we get Football Night In America on Sunday night, which is, in my mind, the best place to savor such lovely Sunday night dinners.

Tonight, there is no football night in America. But, there will be this:

That, my friends, is a braised short rib served on a bed of creamy polenta. Recipe courtesy of The Pioneer Woman. I seriously love her. I mean, I think we could actually be good friends! She inspires my dreams at night and I have been dreaming about making this for dinner nonstop since last Thursday. It's pretty much consumed my thoughts all weekend. Hopefully, the actual meal will be as moutwatering as the picture.

Back to my original statement however, today was a good day. Today we watched the Minnesota Vikings destroy the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs (which means that next weekend we will watch the Vikes take on the Saints for a spot in the Superbowl. Yay!). Whenever the Vikings score a touchdown, Petesie and I get up and dance around the house looking like total fools. If only I had a picture to show just how ridiculous we look (although it would incriminate me, it would be well worth it). After watching the Vikes victory, we ran a couple errands (got a family cell phone plan! why? because we are now, officially family!) came home, watched the tail end of the second playoff game tonight (Jets upset) and I am now happily on the couch, watching the Golden Globes while catching the occassional wonderful waft of the short ribs. Ahhh, Sunday nights. :)


  1. Thanks for s scrumptious dinner, Sweetie. wow! Also: Let'sgovikes!!!

  2. Wow, what a day. Vikings win, Sandra Bullock wins, Jeff Bridges wins, Robert Downey Jr wins, plastic surgeons everywhere win - and short ribs to boot! Now - who dat gon' beat dem Saints? VIKINGS! VIKINGS!

    John L

  3. Regrettably I would like to point out a dicrepancy on the above posting. The "Cooking for family on Sundays" statement is a slight exageration... We have yet to enjoy a meal at the Lacy family abode and by the looks of the meals served I feel that I must say the following... Where's my invite?? Wow, Jules those short ribs look fabulous!

    Auntie J