Tuesday, January 12, 2010

blog changes and update

Due to popular demand (okay, just the demand of one or two...) I have reconfigured the "comments" sections - now anyone can leave a comment without having an account. To be honest, I had no idea that I was somehow blocking my faithful reader(s) from blocking comments, for this I apologize. :)

One of my many, many readers (ha!) suggested that I do a preview of 2010, as I recapped 2009 so eloquently. New Year's resolutions are hard for me, and so cliche really. Everybody seems to have the same resolutions year after year, and I am no exception.

For example? Cook and eat healthier. Lose a little bit of weight. Be a better friend, family member, wife, etc... But here is a big one for me this year - clean out all the excess CRAP that my husband and I have accumulated over the years. If we are to ever bring a third person into this home, we'll need to find some space to put that person and all the stuff they bring with them (don't read too far into this statement, faithful readers! This is just a hypothetical "if")

We have a smallish home. Two people, three animals and "stuff" bursting at the seams. Like, I have two dresser drawers, two shoe hangy things that go over doors, one big box of shoes and utilize the better part of two closets (plus coats in the coat closet and on the coat rack). And that's just for clothes/shoes/coats! My kitchen cupboards spill into the garage where two have *two* tables and several extra boxes set up for all of the accessories/gadgets/extras that we have accumulated over the years. (Of course, I am personally WAY more likely to rid myself of 90% of my clothes than to get rid of an appliance that really only has one or two uses. Although I must admit, what family needs more than one popcorn maker? We have at least three!!).

So, that is one goal I have for the coming year. To kick start this goal I have taken the first step - a pile of clothing a mile high that is to be donated, which I feel very good about. It helps that the 10+ pounds I have recently gained is keeping me from wearing most of what is currently in my closet. :) I am going to try very hard to keep this a personal goal, and not pester Petesie too much about getting involved in the mass exodus of stuff that will soon be leaving our house.

I am beginning to realize that Petesie's attachment to certain things is much stronger than mine, which is one reason I don't want to bug him in my quest for a clutter-free home. It's probably one of the many reasons why we compliment each other so nicely, he hangs onto absolutely everything that has any sentimental value. It's very sweet. :) I, of course, will quickly lose the darn thing and then eventually find it and forget why I had it in the first place.

Although I do wonder, is it callous or rude to not hold on to certain things? Take Christmas cards for example - It's not that I don't appreciate Christmas cards (this is only an example! Please, keep sending 'em our way!), but how long are we to hold on to them and to what end? When is it okay to throw things away and make room in a home for more to come? This question goes to "things" in general - any thoughts, faithful readers? Perhaps hold onto something for a year at the longest, and then if it hasn't been worn/used/looked at/etc... then it's safe to toss? Age old question, I am sure. :)

Happy Tuesday night everyone! We went to the best pizza restaurant EVER tonight - Serious Pie and caught up with one of Petesie's old friends from years ago who was in town. Such amazing food, and I feel fat and happy now.


  1. I too am stuffed! and not by useless items that I have collected for years!!!


  2. ...."all the CRAP my husband and I have accumulated over the years"...sounds like you've been together since the Great Depression.

    While you're at it, can you come help me clean out our garage. 30 years of CRAP staring me in the eye, including Stan's collection of paintings from college.