Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Sweet Guy

My husband is so sweet. Seriously, he is! I'm not usually one to get sappy and I'm not much of a gusher, but he's pretty darn good to me. :)

For example:

Today we went to Best Buy and he bought me this:

Now, I know that he didn't buy it just for me, there is definitely something to be said for new kitchen appliances boosting resale value and all. But, we watched the movie Julie & Julia a couple weeks ago, and he was pretty floored at the resemblance between Julie Powell's life and my own. And Julie Powell had a great husband, but a pretty terrible kitchen. Now, I do not have a terrible kitchen, but it is a bit... dated... (like, the old stove is possibly older than me). I don't complain about the kitchen, so Petesie would have no reason to know that anything was wrong with the oven, but the other day he tried to make soup, and he turned on one of the four burners that doesn't work, and an hour later the soup still hadn't heated up, which is when he started to realize that something wasn't working quite right. And with this realization came the determination that he must get his sweetie a new oven so she wouldn't have to have a kitchen like Julie Powell's but could still cook him masterpieces (like what I scraped together last night on the crappy old stove - Shrimp Tikka Masala served with Toasted Coconut Basmati rice. Absolutely delicious. Petesie was literally in heaven....)

We got home from Best Buy and have the first football playoff game on in the background, and Petesie is working on refurbishing an old set of dresser drawers for me that he bought me months ago at a garage sale. I know that he enjoys this kind of thing (even excitedly went out and purchased an electric sander thingy) but still.... No matter how this dresser turns out, I will love it because my husband worked on it with love for me. :) I should have taken before pictures so I could have posted before and afters... Maybe next furniture restoration project, he is threatening to do some more after this one.

Oh, and we learned a valuable lesson in furniture restoration as well: Power sand the thing in the garage, not the living room. There is dust literally everywhere, on this keyboard, in the kitchen, in my lungs, on ALL the furniture and carpet. Perhaps we should have thought of this prior to beginning the project?

On tap for the weekend? More Football! Yay playoffs!

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