Friday, January 29, 2010

catching up...

Okay, my bad, it's been a week since I've done any blogging. Oops! I forget I have READERS who may be checking my blog multiple times a day, hoping for an update! Yikes! :) (Okay, just ONE reader - any guesses? - who told me he keeps checking for an update. I may have just given away the identity of my reader...).

It's not been an extremely eventful week...

Last Saturday was Seattle Sister Fun Day (we'll just say S2F Day). It was fun!

Here we are in line for the big glassybaby sale:

We stood in line next to this fuzzy lil' guy, and I called him Wilbur, like the pig from Charlotte's Web. :)

The sale was pure chaos. Like, hundreds of women (and a couple men) running around madly, like chickens with our heads cut off. We are talking madness here, people. Like, women standing in a line that stretched around the block for HOURS just to get in, and once they were in, they were running, shoving, pushing by each other, etc... We staked out a one-foot-square space that we considered to be our "base" and left Gabey there manning our box of prizes. Then we'd spread out, and search through literally thousands of glassybabys to find the perfect one(s). A couple hundred dollars worth of candle holders later, we were all set.

After the sale we went to Serious Pie for pizza, headed up to the Seattle Premium Outlet Mall for some shopping, picked up the Monty-dog and went to Jani's to watch ice skating and eat a gutbuster of a meal. I think we gained five pounds each.

The Menu:

Chex Mix
Cheese and Crackers
Puff-pastry thingys that were incredible
Greyhounds. yum.

Main Course:
Stuffed Turkey Breasts
Green Bean Casserole
Mashed Potatoes

Sweet Chex Mix
More Greyhounds. Yum.
This was us at the end of the night. So exhausted. Notice Gabey is still eating. I guess she's a growing girl...

On Sunday Petesie was able to catch an earlier flight home, we watched the Vikings lose the big game (no comment...) and had a fantastic dinner - Coq Au Vin, courtesy, once again, of The Pioneer Woman.

Check her out! The Pioneer Woman! I love her.

Our week was highlighted by Obama's State Of The Union address on Wednesday (followed by The Best Political Team On Television. I have a crush on David Gergen. I admit it. He's just so.... Gergen-y). Tonight we're going up to the cabin to try cross country skiing again (hopefully I'll be able to move my legs the next day, unlike last time) and hopefully relax a little in the snow. :)

By the way, I have been dreaming about making these babies all day:

Aren't they cute! Cupcake Pops, courtesy of Bakerella. Check her out, she's amazing!


  1. alert. You overstate the level of violence ("shoving, pushing") at glassybaby. I thought the lack of rudeness was commendable, despite the jam-packed,lower-deck-of-the-Mayflower vibe. You did NOT however, misstate the level of food we consumed Saturday. Yegad.

    Now, speaking of Greyhounds, where's our grapefruit juice?

  2. a glassybaby sale followed by S2F pigout and ice skating is always a good reason to drive 3 hours up and 3 hours back :) Totally worth it. And yes, I too have dreamt of making Bakerella's cakepops.

    Love you!

    ps. I am somebody who checks your blog everyday- at least!

  3. We miss you Jo-Jo and wish you came up up EVERY weekend!