Friday, January 22, 2010

When the cat's away....

This weekend, I will be missing this guy terribly:

Yes, that's a picture of him eating a crepe in front of the Eiffel Tower. Such a sexy shot!

Really, this one isn't much better. I wonder what we were thinking!

There, that's better. Isn't he handsome? :) We spend almost all of our time together. He's my very best friend. So, I'm forced to come up with some alternatives to keep me occupied.

For example, hanging out with this fun sister:

I miss my sissy all the time. She's awesome, fun, pretty, smart and I just LOVE her!

Here are some pictures of how much fun we've had together over the years:
Sometimes, we pretend to be gangstas. What up?

Sometimes we make each other laugh, a lot:

Sometimes, we go to Disneyland together! Splash Mountain!

Sometimes, we bore each other to sleep...

We always have had great fashion though....
(as has the rest of my family!)

But we've never been dorks!
Nevermind. I'm the dork on the far right, she's the dork in the middle...

But, I've always looked up to her:
Tomorrow, we're going to spend the whole day together. I can't wait. And not just because we'll be going to the glassybaby seconds sale (although that's pretty awesome).

For everyone who doesn't know about glassybabys, here is a picture that showcases how beautiful they are:

Tonight, with Petesie away, I have entertained myself by eating quesadillas AND macaroni and cheese (yes, I'm on a cheese kick, and because I didn't have to cook dinner for two tonight, I got to pick whatever I wanted. And I wanted cheese).

So, before I sign off for the night, I'll leave you all with a picture of me browsing through the racks of raw meat in Provence:
Ahh, sweet bliss. :)

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  1. I just arrived in MPLS and logged onto Sessions with Sweetie before I go to bed (I mean, who doesn't do that, right?) and what do I see?! Apparently, she has been quite busy in my absence. mmm...crepes. Goodnight, S&L, sleep tight. I'll talk to you in the morning.