Thursday, January 14, 2010

lucky break

I don't count myself as someone who gets a lot of lucky breaks. Sure a few, here and there, but nothing to make myself stop in my tracks and think "well, that was lucky!" (noteworthy exception of course was meeting Petesie).

But seriously? I have had a new job for 9 business days now. NINE days removed from my old department. That's like, nothing. And today, we find out that my old department is getting outsourced and everyone there is getting laid off. How lucky was I to dodge that bullet? I felt like I jumped off a ship just seconds before it sank.

Phew. Close call. Now if I can only get my brain wrapped around the new job, I'll be very happy. Instead, the new hours I am working are slowly zapping all of my brain cells away - I am SO tired keeping up with this new schedule!

Thanks universe/God for helping me get out before it was too late!!!

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